Halifax-based Kinduct Technologies has formed a partnership with Zebra Technologies Corporation that will help coaches and their staffs track player movement and performance more easily.

The two parties announced the partnership Wednesday, and said their joint product will be available to all NFL and NCAA teams that use the Zebra Sports practice system.

This expanded tracking solution gives coaches, trainers and sports science staff a suite of tools for individual and team preparation, injury prevention and enhanced performance.

“With our collaboration with Zebra, we will provide teams in the NFL and NCAA the right data and the right tools at the right time to help inform the decision-making process, promote constant improvement and provide teams with a competitive advantage,” said Kinduct Founder and CEO Travis McDonough in a statement.

Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Zebra specializes in tracking solutions, and its Zebra Sports division helps to track players’ movement during practice or games. For the third consecutive full season, Zebra’s Sports Solution will be used in NFL games this year by embedding RFID tags in players’ shoulder pads. This tracks movement, providing metrics such as player speed and proximity, distance traveled, acceleration and deceleration.

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This data will now be available on the Kinduct Athlete Management System, which will provide the team staffs with a holistic view of their athletes’ wellness and performance. The Athlete Management System is a single digital platform that lets athletes and coaches view health and performance data on specific athletes, and compare it to baseline data. Kinduct’s secure, cloud-based system allows teams to spend less time managing their data and more time using it.

Teams can optimize the data for their own purposes with a privacy layer that gives them a competitive advantage in preparing for game day.

“As the official on-field player tracking provider of the NFL, Zebra is thrilled to be working with Kinduct,  … to take our cutting-edge, real-time player tracking solution to the next level,” said Jill Stelfox, Zebra’s Vice President and General Manager of Location Solutions. “A growing number of teams are using our practice system as they are aggressively moving to newer technology with higher accuracy to gain better visibility.”

In October, Kinduct announced a US$9 million ($12 million) round of funding led by Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of the world’s leading semiconductor chip maker. The investment group includes previous investors Clearwater Seafoods Chairman John Risley, through his investment company CFFI Ventures Inc., and Elysian Park Ventures.