There are just a few days left to sign up for the virtual presentation of our 2019 Atlantic Canada Startup Data report, which will take place at noon on Thursday.

We've teamed up with Volta for this presentation. We had been planning to do an in-person event at Volta and have it live-streamed, but now we've opted to just go for a virtual event. It's free, and you can register here.

Entrevestor’s data has become the benchmark for the Atlantic Canadian startup community in recent years. Each year, we tally up the total number of startups and assess their employees, funding and revenue, providing a vivid picture of how the community has evolved.  

The highlights of the East Coast startup community in 2019 were spectacular and included: Verafin's record $515-million funding round; strong hiring and revenue growth; and more new companies than ever. But there was also an unsettling development in funding that has carried on into 2020. We'll detail all the trends in our latest startup data presentation.

Many thanks to Volta -- especially Amy Conrad, Martha Casey and Meghann Coleman -- for working with us on this presentation. Also, we'd like to thank Mike Hayes and Mike Cyr of Charcoal Marketing for their great work on producing the printed and digital reports.