A couple of opportunities for specialized developers in Halifax are the focus of our Jobs of the Week column today.

MindSea Development, a Halifax company that develops apps for iOS and Android systems, is hiring an Android mobile software developer.  Since 2009, MindSea has developed a team of developers and specialists who focus exclusively on apps. The company says that focus means it can deliver a better product faster than its competitors.

Medical data provider Kinduct Technologies is hiring a database architect. The company says it has built “the world’s most advanced human performance software platform.” (CEO Travis McDonough describes the company really well in this video.) That means the company can pull together disparate data on athletics and health and present them on one platform. The company has the world’s largest library of medical animation, which is essential in telling athletes what problem they’re experiencing and how to cure it.

The Jobs of the Week column features openings posted on the Entrevestor Job Board, which focuses on jobs in technology, innovation and startups in Atlantic Canada. The Entrevestor Job Board helps match job openings and candidates in the tech and start-up communities and is operated by Entrevestor and Qimple.


MindSea  Development

Android Mobile Software Developer

MindSea is working on a diverse and exciting group of projects and needs an Android software developer to help out. The winning applicant will work with a team developing native client-side user interface and application components for the Android mobile platform.  The company is looking for someone who strives for innovative solutions when confronted with a challenge and likes a fast-paced environment. MindSea offers a creative open-concept work environment and a fun startup atmosphere. The company is looking for someone who wants to work in an agile environment with small self-managed teams to deliver high quality native apps. Applicants must have experience creating applications for Android using Java and a desire to build quality software. MindSea is looking for someone with a bachelor degree in computer science and three or more years of experience in a similar role.

Kinduct Technologies

Database Architect

Kinduct is looking for a Database Architect who will be responsible for managing all client and partner databases and determining solutions to technical problems. These solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, structural changes or architectural planning. The company’s ideal candidate would possess exceptional attention to detail and technical skills. He or she would work well in a team and as an individual, could multi-task and would be open to giving and receiving suggestions about new, better or different methods. The database architect must design scalable and reliable Big Data solutions leveraging Hadoop, RDBMS, BI tools, SaaS platforms and APIs, as well as design data warehousing strategies and architectures to efficiently analyze Big Data sets. The ideal candidate would have a bachelor degree in computer science and five to 10 years of experience in Big Data computing and analytics.