This week in Jobs of the Week, we’re featuring positions in Halifax, including a new posting by Norex and its division. helps elite athletes find financial support through crowdfunding. The organization is developing a new crowdfunding platform that can also be used by other social organizations. It needs a Ruby engineer to work on the platform.

We also feature postings this week from Athletigen, Clean Simple, Dadavan, Smart Energy, QRA, VMO and BML.

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Norex and

Ruby Engineer

Halifax-based web development company Norex and, its division that operates a crowdfunding site for elite athletes, are searching for a ruby engineer. This person will be in charge of developing a scalable crowdfunding platform used around the world – including payment processing and localization for international clients. The successful candidate will work closely with Norex’s Lead Developer, Lead Designer, Project Manager, and Partner to create a white label crowdfunding platform that will be used for and available to other social organizations around the world. The position requires object-oriented programming, and experience in Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 and PostgreSQL. Ruby and Ruby on Rails experience is preferred.

Athletigen Technologies

Java Developer

As part of the product development and engineering team, the Java Developer will be expected to play a critical role in shaping Athletigen’s technology offering. This will involve participating in building a state of the art DNA analytics engine using different technologies such as Java, Hibernate, Spring AOP, Spring IoC, python, R, big data systems and REST services. Minimum Qualifications include in-depth knowledge of data structures and Java Collections including, Maps, Sets and Graph implementations. The candidate should have a very strong knowledge of Java Language including, inner, nested and anonymous classes, private constructors, final methods, overloading, and overriding.

BML Web Development and Communication

Intermediate Full Stack Developer (JavaScript+PHP)

BML, which is developing, a youth fundraising website, is looking for talented full stack developer to join its team. The candidate will have to construct, develop, code, debug and maintain web site applications. He or she will also have to define software design methodology for the development and implementation of internet-based applications to support all aspects of web site functionalities. The company is looking for someone with a minimum of three years of PHP web development experience and Javascript development.

Clean Simple

Software Tester

Clean Simple, whose platform improves communications in commercial cleaning services, is looking for a talented Software QA lead to join its team. This person will design and implement the company’s Quality Assurance Program with the expressed objective of ensuring the best possible performance for both its Mobile and Web software. The successful candidate will be given creative control over the design of Clean Simple’s QA program with the mandate of thoroughly de-risking and refining products in development. He or she will collaborate with development and design teams to plan and execute testing across a variety of world-class applications on the newest web and mobile technologies. Clean Simple is looking for someone with three to five years of experience in a similar role.

Dadavan Systems Ltd.

Front-End Developer

Working within the technical team on web-based projects, the Front End Developer’s main responsibility is to produce, modify and maintain web-based user interfaces. The successful candidate must also work closely with server-side developers to understand and use their server-side code to develop complex, interactive and database-driven websites. Dadavan is seeking a candidate with experience designing and implementing web applications that are part of larger, multi-tiered distributed applications that include server and database components and processes.

QRA Corp

Full Stack Software Engineer

QRA develops software to help engineers build flawless products. The company is searching for an experienced software engineer with confidence and talent. It is seeking candidates with a minimum of three years of progressive web and client/server software development experience. A formal education in Computer Science or Engineering is a major asset.

Smart Energy

Sales & Marketing Lead

Smart Energy, which stages conferences on the future of energy, is looking for an executive to head its sales and marketing duties. This person will be responsible for "securing industry partners" for the group’s 11th annual Smart Energy event, formerly known as the Renewable Energy Conference. From your home office, you will have the opportunity to work with other team members to "increase sales and sponsor participation" through targeted one-on-one communications and marketing. You will have the opportunity to engage with industry executives and a number of key stakeholders to bring together the region's #1 smart energy event. The applicant should have a college degree in Business Development, Entrepreneurial, Sales/Event Management, Commerce, or Business Management.

Vmo Solutions

Senior Software Developer

VMO is searching for a lead developer based in the Halifax area with three to five years of experience. The successful candidate should be a self-motivated and independent senior level developer who is current with modern web and cloud-based technologies. The position calls for programming for mission-critical real-time systems, transforming the way airlines operate today. On occasion, the developer will also be tasked with communicating with clients to address open issues with beta and production software.