MASITEK Instruments’ opening for a Production Electronics Technologist is the headline posting in our Job of the Week column today.

In seven years, Masitek has grown from a small outfit that prevented damage in potatoes during the harvesting process into a predominantly industrial concern. Its main product now is a pressure-sensitive decoy that goes through a production line with regular containers to warn of logjams and gather data on where problems occur. These decoys test for shock and pressure that can damage containers, and the vertical pressure to ensure the process of capping bottles is working well.

The Jobs of the Week column features openings posted on the Entrevestor Job Board, which focuses on jobs in technology, innovation and startups in Atlantic Canada. The Entrevestor Job Board helps match job openings and candidates in the tech and startup communities and is operated by Entrevestor and Alongside.

Here is an excerpt from the job posting:


MASITEK Instruments

Production Electronics Technologist

MASITEK Instruments is a leading, global manufacturer of Smart in-line sensor solutions for packaging and agriculture. Our products are trusted by some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies.

MASITEK is looking for a Production Electronics Technologist to work in a fast-paced work environment that is continually growing with the ability to learn and excel in in custom assembly projects involving technology, electronics, mechanical design and assembly and the ability to interpret customer drawings. You will assemble and test custom components and a range of systems including both mechanical and electrical components. It is also necessary to have excellent soldering skills and some experience with SMD soldering. This position will also have involvement in leading activities such as process development/optimization, problem-solving/continuous-improvement activities, and communicate/request information necessary in order to complete “build-to package” production.


•Ensure product quality and timeliness of work and resolve problems to meet objectives.

•Execute key production processes such as CAD drawings, software/firmware setup and product assembly

•Evaluate and propose acquisition of new tools, equipment and processes to aid in production efficiency and safety

•Interprets customer drawings to develop specifications for customer assemblies

•Communicate design, drawing, and interpretation issues for customer projects as necessary

•Assemble custom sensors from the design team

•Perform analysis of production performance metrics for reporting

•Performs special assignments relative to product engineering

•Perform troubleshooting of hardware with issues

•Test new technology including new releases of software and firmware

•Assist team with internal computer and technology issues

•Actively contribute to our Agile Community and the self-improvement of our teams and members.

•Analyze problems and help create innovative solutions involving technology, methodology, tool and solution components.

•Help develop new and refine existing processes to enhance quality and productivity . . .

Read the full job description here.