Invest Nova Scotia, the new provincial Crown corporation formed from the amalgamation of Innovacorp and Nova Scotia Business Inc., has announced 10 startups joining its Accelerate program.

Previously operated by Innovacorp, the Accelerate program offers participating companies 5 months of business and technical training. Participants in the previous cohort earlier this year were eligible for up to $40,000 of grants, up from $25,000 for years past.

Under Invest Nova Scotia’s leadership, the participants will split a $400,000 funding pool, although a statement from the newly formed organization did not clarify how that money would be divided up.

Accelerate, which Innovacorp retooled in the summer of 2021, replaced both the old, longer program of the same name and the shorter Sprint accelerator. It is completely virtual and aimed at companies that have already established market opportunities for products based on science or engineering-related intellectual property, as well as having completed or nearly completed a proof of concept or prototype.

Several of the companies participating this time around also previously took part in Accelerate when it was run by Innovacorp, including Hollo Medical, the Atlantic Institute for Resilience and Formula Consulting, among others.

Here’s a look at the latest cohort:


Gaia Refinery

Qinhong (Tammy) Cai


Gaia is developing carbon capture technology that converts atmospheric pollution into natural gas with a higher purity than is available from conventional sources. 


Material Futures

Iris Redinger


Material Futures is working on bio-based dyes for textiles and plastics with the aim of reducing water pollution.


Atlantic Institute for Resilience

Dr. Jackie Kinley and Tim Trussel


AIR sells mental resiliency training software to companies and organizations for use by their employees.

HOLLO Medical

David Hodgson


HOLLO is developing a spacer for use with asthma inhalers that is small enough to fit in a child’s pocket.


Soumendra Singh


NeoCare is building a device to non-invasively, painlessly and instantly detect diseases in newborns, including anemia, jaundice and hypoxia.


Glas Ocean Electric

Sue Molloy


Glas Ocean specializes in electric propulsion systems for workboats, as well as technology for connecting electric boats to energy grids.


Maja Maher


Voltai has designed compact generators capable of harvesting energy from motion to power marine electronics.



Mohamed Soliman


Couryah is a food delivery service that lets users order from both restaurants and grocery stores, and aims to compete with incumbent players by undercutting them on price.

Easy Platter

Mandhir Singh


Easy Platter is an online platform that lets personal chefs prepare weekly meals once at affordable prices for middle-income families.

Formula Consulting

Mitchell Kane


Formula Consulting makes software to reduce the time and cost of civil construction projects by solving common concrete formwork problems.