Invest Nova Scotia has announced 11 companies joining the first 2023 cohort of its Accelerate startup program.

Accelerate offers participating companies 5 months of business and technical training and $40,000 of funding.

Accelerate, which Innovacorp retooled in the summer of 2021, replaced both the old, longer program of the same name and the shorter Sprint accelerator. It is completely virtual and aimed at companies that have already established market opportunities for products based on science or engineering-related intellectual property, as well as having completed or nearly completed a proof of concept or prototype.

Software companies have made a dominant showing this year, with five of the 11 startups being information technology businesses.

Here’s a look at the latest cohort:



Sean Myles

Wolfville, NS

FoodImprover is developing a platform technology to genetically modify fruit, including apples.

GreenSage Prebiotics

Brad Saville

Sydney and Toronto 

GreenSage is working on a natural antibiotic “alternative” derived from coconut residues.

Three Leaf Bioscience

Dave Kilgour


Three Leaf is developing next-generation biostimulants — technology similar to fertilizer, but which operate by different processes — to increase crop yield and pathogen resistance.



Sarah Graham, Roya Aghighi


Lite-1 is developing environmentally friendly dyes derived from microorganisms.


InkWell Health

John Matthews


InkWell is developing a remote patient monitoring system for physiotherapists.


SP*RK Electric Boats

Michael Huskilson


SP*RK is working on electric boats made from sustainable materials, such as recyclable aluminum hulls.



Mohamed Soliman


Couryah is a food delivery service that lets users order from both restaurants and grocery stores, and aims to compete with incumbent players by undercutting them on price.

East Bay Tech Lab

Jane Crowell, Faran Siddiqui, Ryan Grant


East Bay is developing “white-label trading and exchange systems for low-latency/high-frequency environments.” High-frequency trading refers to algorithmic securities trading involving high volumes transacted at an extremely rapid pace.

EndFirst Plans

Alan Uren


Endfirst's OVERGantt is project management software that minimizes errors by finding and verifying hidden dependencies before work begins.

Oltre Financial

Zac Davies, Donald Jessome


Oltre makes software for long-term, personalized tax and estate planning.

Scient Analytics

Masoud Aali


Scient uses a hardware and software suite to scan and analyze the contents of core samples, reducing costs compared to manual analysis.