We’ve been asked how our survey will help startups in Atlantic Canada. The answer is it will help policy-makers understand how the pandemic is impacting high-growth businesses in the region, which should result in better programs.

We launched our survey Monday, and are delighted with the dozens of responses we’ve received already. We’ve also received questions about why it’s important and how it will help startups.

This survey, which we're launching in partnership with Pivotal Coaching, is important because there are discussions taking place on what should be done to help startups weather the current storm. These discussions involve startups, their support organizations, and government bodies that formulate programs. Our understanding is that the more information these people have the better.

The Atlantic Canadian startup community has been an unqualified success story in terms of economic development in recent years. At the end of 2019, the community comprised almost 700 companies (twice the number of five years earlier) that directly employed about 6,500 people (twice the number of just three years earlier). Policy-makers are working to ensure companies survive and retain their employees because these enterprises will be needed during the economic recovery.

At Entrevestror, we know those numbers because we research the community and keep data on it, providing a benchmark for policymakers and others in the community. Our startup data reports are followed by people throughout the region, providing hard numbers on the dynamics of the innovation economy.

There’s never been a more important time to produce meaningful data on the startup community. If we get a broad range of founders completing this simple, two-minute survey, we’ll gain a better understanding of how the downturn is impacting staffing, revenues, and how many companies believe they will survive. We’ve kept the questions to a minimum as we want the most important metrics.

If you’re a founder or CEO, please click on this link and complete our survey.

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