St. John’s-based Metricsflow, which says it has created a privacy-friendly online tracking service, has inked a deal with GoAhead Ventures, a US$112 million Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

The GoAhead investment is part of Metricsflow’s latest funding round. CEO Isaac Adejuwon said he could not share a dollar value for the investment because the company is not “priced” yet. But last year, Metricsflow raised between $400,000 and $450,000 of equity funding.

“We are thrilled to be backed by GoAhead to speed up the deployment of our solution to customers,” said Adejuwon in a statement. “Digital marketers globally experience data attribution problems every day and Metricsflow exists to solve this complex problem for them.”

Founded six years ago by Memorial University students Adejuwon and Bukunola Ladele, Metricsflow was originally meant to be a vehicle to convert the two men’s content-marketing audience into clients. In 2020, the company pivoted to its current offering.

The new product lets clients analyze traffic on their website without the use of cookies – digital tools that track people’s activity on the internet and irritate many users.

In March, search giant Google announced that it will ban cookies from its Chrome web browser, and Apple is clamping down on unauthorized cookies in its Safari browser, possibly improving the value proposition of services like Metricsflow.