Energia Ventures will hold a virtual demo day on Dec. 16, featuring the five companies from three countries that are completing its latest three-month cohort.

The program, which began Sept. 30, is part of University of New Brunswick’s J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship, commonly known as TME.  This is the fourth year the university has held the accelerator, which accepts companies from around the world involved in energy, cleantech, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The event, which you can register for here, will be broadfact on Facebook Live and begins at 1 pm, with one pitch coming from India.

“Given that it is virtual and spans about 12 time zones, we’re doing it in the afternoon this time,” said Joe Allen, Managing Director of Accelerator Programs at UNB.

The companies participating in the 2020 cohort are:

  • Paragon Motors, of Montreal and Moncton, which works with high-performance electric vehicles.
  • SolarSteam, of Calgary, which uses solar collectors to concentrate sunlight to heat water and generate steam.
  • envoPAP, of London, England, which is developing sustainable packaging and paper from renewable sources like sugarcane waste instead of wood.
  • TROES, of Toronto, which is developing energy storage technologies to help middle-market power distributors and consumers.
  • And Solavio Labs, of Coimbatore, India, whose engineering solutions improve the performance of solar power plants.