Moncton-based EduCode Academy has signed a distributorship agreement with Sebit Education and Information Technologies, which will be the company’s representative in Turkey.

EduCode creates online courses that help children learn to code, and its international sales soared last year as the result of a free service it offered in the depths of the pandemic. That offer ended in June, but sales continued to increase.

The company signed a distribution agreement in India in February and now it has added a deal with Sebit in Turkey. Sebit has worked in the Turkish education sector for over 30 years and is owned by the Turk Telekom Corp., which has more than 50 million customers within the country.

"Sebit is a very strong organization for us to collaborate with in Turkey, bringing many years of experience and education sector contacts, which we fully believe will benefit our collaboration from day one,” said EduCode CEO Peter Hess in a statement. “Our strategy to set up distributors globally is based upon the belief that the best way to penetrate the education sector of each region is through existing distributors who have built up years of trust and relationships. These relationships are a gateway to a relatively closed-door sector who are normally slow to embrace change."

Added Sebit Business Development Manager Burak Yıldırım: "Sebit is happy to have found such a quality course content provider as EduCode. We appreciate the amount of work and thought put into the EduCode courses, as well as the software support around the courses to allow for independent study of students."