ECOP Canada is asking people who have recently embarked on careers in the ocean sector to fill out a survey so the group can better understand and meet the international and national needs of early career ocean professionals -- which it calls ECOPs --  during the UN Ocean Decade. 

ECOP Canada is part of an international organization that emerged out of the UN Ocean Decade to elevate and strengthen the diverse perspectives of new generations of ocean professionals. 

The group said the Canada Node is developing a network of partner institutions to ensure that the voices and perspectives of a new generation of Canadian ocean professionals are heard and that the vast potential of early-career professionals is maximized and supported.

An ECOP is a person who has 10 years or less of professional experience within any field related to the ocean (not only employed/paid positions). The term “professional” is used in order to be inclusive of professionals from many different sectors of society.

Data will be anonymized, analyzed, and shared with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to help with the development of the Global ECOP program. Identifying information will not be shared.

Click here to fill in the survey.