Dartmouth’s CarbonCure Technologies, which sells carbon sequestration technology for the concrete industry, has won another accolade. This time, it is among 10 companies recognized by federal agency Sustainable Development Technology Canada as 2022’s Sustainability Changemakers.

Introduced for the first time this year, the list recognizes SDTC portfolio companies with annual revenues of at least $10 million, annual growth of at least 20 percent, and quantifiable environmental and global footprints. CarbonCure is the only Atlantic Canadian company among those selected.

The Sustainability Changemakers announcement comes as CarbonCure vies for the multi-year US$100 million Carbon Removal XPRIZE, funded by the Elon Musk Foundation. The company was previously one of two winners of the separate $20 million Carbon XPRIZE, funded by Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance and American power company NRG Energy. However, it failed to make the list of companies to win the latest XPRIZE’s $1 million interim Milestone Award last month.

CarbonCure sells technology to inject carbon dioxide into concrete, sequestering it and strengthening the end product. Concrete is the second most abundant man-made material in the world. And cement, its key ingredient, is responsible for an estimated 7 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The company has also attracted the attention of high-profile cleantech investors, including the Breakthrough Energy Ventures, whose investors include Bill Gates, and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund.