Cape Breton’s Carbide has launched a new tool, called Trust Centre, for software-as-a-service companies to share elements of their information security programs with clients.

Carbide, which was co-founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Laird Wilton and Darren Gallop, sells products to help SaaS companies develop and communicate infosec strategies, including how to comply with regulatory frameworks like the United States’ infamously complex HIPAA rules. In 2021, Gallop and Wilton raised a $5.2 million equity funding round.

The company, which has an employee count in the mid-double digits, has also said it significantly overhauled both the user interface and the backend of its software in 2023, as well as expanding the number of regulatory frameworks it can work with. Its website now lists 12.

“A Trust Center allows companies to share vital aspects of their infosec program, like policies, certifications, and security documents, with customers and prospects,” said Carbide in a statement.

“It's like a self-serve security handshake, equipping stakeholders with the information they need to partner with your organization confidently.”

The US$4.1 million or C$5.2 million raise was initially defined by Carbide as a pre-seed round, before Gallop and Wilton expanded it into a seed round. The deal was led by Indianapolis- and Cincinnati-based Allos Ventures and Halifax’s Build Ventures. Local seed-stage fund Concrete Ventures and the Boston-based Hub Angels Investment Group — both prior investors — also participated.