Last week, C-Therm Technologies from New Brunswick received investments totaling $267,500 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to help expand its international marketing capacity and grow export markets.

The funding was announced at the grand opening of C-Therm’s new facility in downtown Fredericton. A $50,000 portion of the funds will support the hiring of a lab director, who will help the company expand its lab in order to qualify as a Health Canada-approved testing facility. 

C-Therm has built a range of patented heat-sensor technologies that test how different materials transfer energy. Its products can be used in diverse industries. For example, the company works with clients in clothing and fashion industries to help them understand how their products feel to the touch – whether they’re too hot or too cold, or comfortable to wear. The technology is also non-destructive, which means the machines won't destroy the sample being tested. This means C-Therm has also gotten attention from the science sector.

“C-Therm's products are helping clients such as Adidas and NASA drive innovation in their material development,” said Adam Harris, the Managing Director of C-Therm in a statement.   

“We're the best in the world at what we do and we are doing it from Fredericton," He continued. "It is evident in the clients that continue to seek out our unique material characterization capabilities. This investment will drive our further export growth in Asia and enhance our service offering."

C-Therm was formed in 2007 by the acquisition of the assets of Mathis Instruments, a pioneering startup in Fredericton during the first decade of the century. The company is part of the Cartmill Group of Companies, which are owned by the family of Chuck Cartmill.

The Cartmill Group also includes LED Roadway Lighting in Halifax.