Vienna, Austria , March 4 – A new research technology was profiled today during scientific sessions at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria. Densitas Research Edition assesses mammographic breast density using ‘for presentation’ digital mammography images.

In a presentation focused specifically on the technology itself, study results using 1,823 images showed excellent agreement between Densitas Research Edition density measures and radiologists’ visual assessment. This concept is also known as ‘face validity’. The research also confirmed the internal reliability of Densitas Research Edition, or its ability to consistently generate the same, valid results repeatedly.

“Densitas Research Edition provides consistent, reliable and reproducible results,” said Mohamed Abdolell, CEO of Densitas and a biostatistician. “This gives us the ability to address a key challenge for radiologists who visually assess mammographic density: inter and intra-operator variability.”

Currently, the standard way to assess mammographic density is a radiologist’s visual assessment. Such subjective evaluation is prone to poor reproducibility between two radiologists reading the same image. As well, even the same radiologist could assess an image at different times and report a different result. Densitas Research Edition standardizes the assessment of mammographic density.

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Moncton, March 3 -- RtTech is proud to announce the release of a new, cloud-based version of its award-winning real-time KPI Calculator software, RtDuet. Offered on a monthly subscription basis, RtDuet Cloud is primarily directed towards small to medium manufacturers.

RtDuet Cloud allows smaller manufacturing companies to compete on the same level as larger corporations by implementing the robust software solution as an operating expense, rather than waiting to incorporate into future capital expenditures.

"We wanted to help all companies improve their plant efficiencies, not just the large and wealthy ones," says RtTech Software CEO Pablo Asiron. We took a proven solution and adapted it into a subscription-based service to allow smaller companies to reap the rewards. This is the way all software is moving. We needed to adapt in order to compete, and we're happy to have been first out of the gate."

RtDuet Cloud offers manufacturers the same features and benefits as its namesake, RtDuet. The significant differences are reduced installation time and subscription-based pricing.

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Moncton, March 3 -- Smart Skin Technologies is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Andreas Liebl as a partner for key account customers. Mr. Liebl has more than 25 years experience in the industry and has held several senior positions in the brewing, malting, flavour and machinery industries in Europe and Africa. He studied in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, holding a Brewmaster degree from the Technical University Munich in Weihenstephan and an MBA degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

"I am excited to show our customers how the benefits of the Smart Skin technology will contribute to their success in filling beverages more efficiently." says Mr. Liebl. "Joining a company early in its life is a new path for me and an incredible growth opportunity. I am looking forward to helping the company grow and succeed."

Smart Skin Technologies CEO Kumaran Thillainadarajah adds “Smart Skin Technologies is very excited to welcome Mr. Liebl. We are on a mission to improve the bottom lines of our customers. Mr Liebl shares this vision and will help Smart Skin Technologies in reaching our goal of helping every plant in the world.”

Mr. Liebl is formerly Vice President of Sales for Krones AG, where he was responsible for all sales activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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