Health product-maker Nature’s Way Canada will partner with Wentworth, N.S.-based cannabis producer Breathing Green Solutions to launch a new supplement containing Omega 3 oil and CBD oil.

Dubbed Briight CBD, the product is the result of Nature’s Way receiving Health Canada approval to open a cannabis research lab. The gel capsules, which include one part CBD oil to 10 parts Omega 3 oil, will be sold in government cannabis stores in Nova Scotia and Ontario, as well as private dispensaries in Alberta.

Nature’s Way has been in business for more than 50 years selling a variety of conventional health supplements, while Breathing Green in 2018 became the first Nova Scotia producer federally licensed to sell cannabis.

“From our (market) research we know that Canadians are looking for efficacious CBD products with a better sensory experience from companies they can trust,” said Breathing Green President Savior Joseph in a statement. “We have incorporated these key consumer insights as we built the Briight brand together.”

Breathing Green and Nature’s Way decided to move into the cannabis supplement space after Cannatrack, a market research firm specializing in marijuana products, found evidence of demand from a survey of 2,000 people across Canada.

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis that advocates say can help reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety, among other health benefits — although formal research into its effects is not yet conclusive. Preclinical studies have even suggested CBD oil could reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients. The oil is regulated the same way as psychoactive cannabis products.

Every batch of Briight CBD will also be quality tested by a third party, and the results of that testing will be released publicly.