The Atlantic Venture Forum startup conference has announced the 12 companies that will present at this year’s event -- to be held virtually thanks to COVID-19.

The ninth annual instalment of AVF will be held on Oct 20 and 21. The aim of the gathering is to offer a “financing and partnering forum” for early-stage and growth-stage companies by attracting angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity and venture debt firms and related organizations.

Nine of the companies presenting are from Atlantic Canada and three are from Toronto.

Anyone interested in attending can register here. It costs $199 plus tax.

Here’s a look at the presenting startups:

3D Planeta (Fredericton)

3D Planeta is building software for viewing three-dimensional maps based on satellite imagery, which it sells to organizations that require precise knowledge of an area’s terrain. And last year, it added a second product offering: a marketplace where customers can buy the satellite image data needed to run the software.

3F Waste Recovery (Main Brook, NL)

3F uses a basket of processes -- some well-established, others innovative -- to convert waste from Newfoundland and Labrador's aquaculture, forestry and farming industries into ingredients for new products. For example, fish shells, fins, bones and skin can be used as ingredients in food and cosmetics products.

Ardra (Toronto)

Ardra ferments natural sugars to make ingredients for cosmetics, perfumes and food flavouring.

EndFirst Plans (Halifax)

Doing business as a consulting firm for more than 20 years, EndFirst has now developed a software platform called OVERGantt to help automate project planning for businesses, such as by identifying scheduling conflicts and detecting any tasks that are necessary, but have been omitted from the plan.

Habit Forming Technologies (Halifax)

Doing business as JackHabbit, Habit Forming aims to use artificial intelligence to help users develop healthy habits. The company plans to sell its system to insurance companies in “white label” deals that will pay out a percentage of the insurer’s revenue.

Sperri (Halifax)

Sperri, perviously Novagevity, makes organic, plant-based meal replacement drinks for hospitals, sports teams and health-concious consumers.

OzoneBio (Toronto)

OzoneBio has developed a process called dead cell fermentation to convert toxic waste from industries like agriculture into plastic.

eVisitNB (New Brunswick)

Providing service in New Brunswick, eVisitNB is an online platform that offers virtual consultations with doctors, nurses, therapists and diabetes educators.

StrobelTEK (St. John's)

StrobelTEK builds drones with only a single moving part -- the rotor -- making them safe for use near people.

TurboPlay (Fredericton)

TurboPlay is an online video gaming marketplace, currently in closed testing.

UNUM Health (Miramachi, NB)

UNUM sells software that allows homecare workers to communicate with the employers. And a version for the general public, called WellCheck, allows elderly people to communicate with their loved ones or caregivers via a smartphone app that asks them questions like "Have you been taking your medication?"

Wittaya Aqua (Toronto)

Wittaya sells software to help fish farmers consolodate and analyze operations data, such as by tracking and managing the availability and sources of feed ingredients.