Entrevestor, Volta and PropelICT are pleased to announce we will soon produce the first directory for the Atlantic Canadian startup community.

Modeled on the directory put out by Communitech in Kitchener-Waterloo, the Atlantic Canadian Startup Directory will provide the names and contact details of all the participating startups in the region. It will also provide similar information on tech service companies and support organizations.

Our goal is to have a single resource where we can find the names and details of all members of the community, broken down by both province and sector. It will help all of us to improve our accessibility to one another.

The directory will be published in the second Entrevestor Intelligence Report of this year, which is due out on June 15. With the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, we will publish this report in time for the Atlantic Venture Forum. We intend to ensure that all delegates at the forum receive the publication, including the directory.

So we are inviting all Atlantic Canadian startups, tech companies, service providers and support organizations to send us your details. We want to include anyone who is a member of the startup community. By service providers, we mean groups whose service is of special interest to startups – law firms, accounting firms, training specialists, web design firms, etc. We reserve the right to determine what types of companies are included in this list.

If you want to be included in the directory, please contact us at directory@entrevestor.com and include the following information:

-  Company Name

-  CEO or Contact Person

-  Address

-  Principal Phone Number

-  Principal Email Address

-  Website

-  Twitter Handle

You can include all these details or omit any ones you wish. For example, if you prefer people to contact you by email rather than phone, you may choose to omit your phone number. It’s up to you.

Please submit your details by April 30, 2014.

We’re looking forward to providing another service to the Atlantic Canadian startup community and encouraging its development.