Athletigen Technologies, a Halifax company dedicated to genetics for athletes, on Monday released its flagship product Iris.

Iris produces human performance insights developed from partnerships with world-class athletes and performance experts. The first of its kind, Iris is a suite of apps that analyzes the athlete’s genetic information. The athletes key in daily monitoring data allowing them and their coaches insights into their personal performance that can result in optimum training regimes.

After analyzing an athlete’s DNA through a saliva sample, Athletigen reports on genetic markers related to nutrition, recovery and injury protection that can affect training adaptation and performance.

“Genetics is one very important piece of the human performance puzzle,” Jeremy Koenig, Founder and CEO of Athletigen, said in a statement. “We built Iris to empower athletes to understand how their performance training can be augmented through an understanding of their genetic foundation especially when considered in combination with variables that coaches have considered for more than half a century.”

Consisting of the Iris Athlete app and the Iris Coach app, the software suite was built working closely with Olympic athletes and coaches at the ALTIS training center in Phoenix, leading up to the Rio 2016 games. Starting this fall, ALTIS athletes and coaches will use Iris as Athletigen’s official partner and pioneer of human performance research.

“Athletigen have taken the hard science behind genetics and its role in athletic performance, meticulously sifted through the noise and wealth of research available to create a product that gives coaches and other practitioners accurate and valuable information about the individuals they work with,” said Mike Boykin, Program Manager and Sprints Coach at ALTIS. “Athletigen uniquely understands that their insight does not replace the information already available, but instead serves to paint a broader picture of each athlete’s gifts and opportunities.

In January, Athletigen said it raised more than $2 million in a round of funding led by Exponential Partners, a Newport Beach, Calif.-based venture capital fund that specializes in health and human performance innovations. 

The company also said last week it has appointed John Pereira to its Board of Directors. Pereira previously led all Product, Marketing and Operational activities as the VP of AncestryDNA. He was ultimately responsible for taking the latest scientific advancements in human genomics and combining them with the world’s largest resource in family history to provide a new and simple online resource for discovering your past.