Calling it an “immigrant’s dream come true”, Hussain Abdullah has launched his business AllinBud, which manufactures and sells secure wooden boxes for cannabis and related accessories.

After selling out an initial 300-unit trial run, he has now launched the company, selling the products in Canada and the U.S. through his website, as well as other channels.

The AllinBud boxes are designed in Halifax to hold the user’s cannabis, as well as such items as papers and the like. They are built in India using traditional handcrafted methods, and can be locked to prevent children, pets or other adults from getting hold of the stash.

“I came to Canada three years ago with a simple dream: to complete my education and to add value to Canada, my new home,” said Hussain in an email. “To add value to things in life, you often have to solve a problem and I happened upon a problem that I could solve.”

The problem he noticed was that his roommates were constantly bickering about who owned what stash, so he began to research the market to see if this was a common problem.

“I found that a lot of people had problems with storing their stash, with major issues like children or pets getting into it and destroying or mistakenly consuming cannabis, to storage options being inconspicuous or otherwise ugly like a shoe box,” he said.

Hussain, who came to Canada from India, went to work with designers in Halifax to come up with attractive and functional boxes that could be locked. The boxes include rolling trays and are air-tight, to preserve the herb.

After having 300 units produced in India, he tried selling them using only Facebook groups and found they sold out quickly. So he went with a full launch.

He is now selling AllinBud boxes through his website, Esty and Amazon. He has also struck a deal with the smoke shop Mary Jane and is working on securing deals with other smoke shops. The boxes for sale on the website range in price from $45 to $64.

“We have also pledged that once we are profitable we would also donate a certain percentage to the Canadian Mental Health Society,” said Hussain.