Launching Global Oceans Coverage

Today, on World Oceans Day, we’re launching our first global coverage of the oceantech space.

On our new Oceantech page, we’ve published an article on the explosion in bluetech accelerators around the world, which marks the first time Entrevestor has covered a global development in the startup space. Global bluetech will now become a regular feature in our coverage, and we’re hoping to develop

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Blue Accelerators Around the World

One of the biggest changes in the ocean innovation space in the last five years is the explosion of bluetech accelerators around the world.

Five years ago, an entrepreneur with an ocean-focused venture would have had only a few accelerators to work with, such as PortXL in Rotterdam or Braid Theory, which works out of the AltaSea facility in Los Angeles.

Today, there are bluetech accelerators

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Talkatoo Bags VMX Win

Halifax’s Talkatoo, which sells transcription software for veterinarians, has won a major pitch competition hosted by the North American Veterinary Community, or NAVC, industry group.

Talkatoo beat out 19 competitors at the fourth annual VMX Pet Pitch Competition to win a free exhibitor booth at the Veterinary Innovation Summit in Kansas City and an invite to Purina’s Pet Care Innovation

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Aurea Launching Shine on Kickstarter

Halifax’s Aurea Technologies is launching a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday to fund its first consumer product, a portable wind turbine called Shine.

The turbine is a portable power generator designed for campers and hikers who need to charge their devices during wilderness excursions. CEO Cat Adalay said in an interview that the turbine provides 13.3 watts per pound, making it more efficient

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Ililli: A Social Network for ‘Talk’

A team in Halifax has completed the soft launch of a new social media network focused on "talk", and hopes it will become the next big thing in online interactions. 

Watzan, a Halifax-based content curation platform for the pharmaceutical industry, has developed a new product for the mass market – a social network that allows people to post with their voices. It’s called ililli – pronounced

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Remote Staff Essential for Renderator

Though remote work has become commonplace in the innovation economy in the past year, a distributed team had already become essential for the business model of one Halifax startup before the pandemic.

Founded in 2016 by Mario Comando and Alessia Bosatra, Renderator makes high-definition, three-dimensional models of buildings, as well as technology for tracking how people react to the models.

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Energia Seeks Autumn Applications

The Energia Ventures accelerator is calling for applicants for its fall cohort, which will be its second program held this year.

The accelerator is part of University of New Brunswick’s J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship, commonly known as TME.  Energia accepts companies from around the world that are involved in energy, cleantech, cybersecurity and artificial

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