Ying Tam: From IT to Med Devices

Concussion is a global health problem. For Ying Tam, CEO of Halifax-based Mindful Scientific, this means an opportunity to be part of a solution that positively impacts millions of lives.

Tam is rejoicing in achieving a milestone with St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, where his company’s concussion detector has been used to test athletes on several of the university’s varsity sports teams.

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Press Release: Mashup Weekend

Mashup Lab, an organization devoted to building startups in Atlantic Canadian rural communities, has issued the following press release:

Bring business ideas to life at Mashup WeekendSouthwest Nova Scotia

October 23, 2014 – This fall is the right time to take that business idea you’ve been chewing on and put it into action. How? By attending Mashup Weekend, Southwest Nova’s biggest ever business creation weekend. From November…

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SimpTek Progresses After Pivot

After three weeks in the Propel accelerator in Fredericton, SimpTek has quickly changed its business model and already drawn the interest of at least one potential corporate customer.

The young company – comprising tech entrepreneurs Asif Hasan, Lionel Fernandes and Keelen Gagnon – is now dedicated to developing an automated system that helps people control the use of their household appliances…

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Dunbar Calls for Disruptive Healthcare

Michael Dunbar, the leading orthopaedic surgeon in Nova Scotia, sounded a call on Tuesday for the province to adopt new flexible methods of delivering healthcare to its citizens because the current system is not sustainable.

Speaking at the BioPort Atlantic conference, he cited the simple and effective gait monitoring technology he and his team at Capital Health in Halifax have helped to devise. The project, involving three startups, is known as Mobility at Capital Health, abbreviated…

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Press Release HotSpot and MADD

HotSpot Parking, a Fredericton startup that helps downtown shoppers feed the parking meters and merchants communicate with customers, has issued the following press release:


Fredericton, NB -- In partnership with MADD Greater Fredericton, NB Liquor and…

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Health QR Eyes Key Healthcare Link

More than in other countries, Canadians view universal health care as a fundamental aspect of citizenship, and Patricia Ryan believes such a national mindset will benefit her startup, Health QR.

Ryan has worked in various segments of the health-care industry, from private charities to community health groups to the provincial bureaucracy. And two years ago she co-founded her own startup to help individuals participate more broadly in their health care…

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Press Release: EnginuityMED and ACOA

Halifax IV Innovator Poised for Growth

New Support for EnginuityMED assists with Market Launch and Second Generation Product Development

October 20, 2014 – Halifax, NS –A new injection of support will assist Halifax’s EnginuityMED with the market launch of its Fluid IV Alert (FIVA) technology and the development of a second generation product.

FIVA is a battery-powered device that clips onto IV bags, monitors…

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Press Release: NBIF’s Breakthru Pot

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation has issued the following press release:


New Brunswick's Startup Competition exceeds $500,000 to startup three new companies

FREDERICTON, NB—The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), law firm Cox & Palmer and Deloitte launched the fifth edition of Breakthru, New Brunswick’s biennial startup competition, with its highest prize pot ever. Seasoned…

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BioPort, Collide Take Place This Week

Two of the major events on the Halifax startup calendar -- BioPort Atlantic and Collide – are getting under way today and tomorrow.

BioPort Atlantic is the region’s main life sciences conference, and its full conference agenda unfolds tomorrow at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax.  Hosted by BioNova, the annual conference connects people to companies in all stages…

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Nicolle Brings Lessons from Boston

History has given Halifax profound ties to Boston. But Boston has a lot to teach Halifax about entrepreneurship, believes Steve Nicolle, CEO of Halifax health-care IT company STI Technologies.

Nicolle, a P.E.I. native, worked in the startup sector in Boston for 10 years before becoming STI CEO in January 2010.

 “I learned Americans don’t fear failure at all; it’s a big difference,” he said.


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Press Release: Engage Conference

Engage, a new conference on innovation and collaboration, has issued the following press release:

Engage Conference To Be Held Nov. 17-18 in Halifax

New conference to demonstrate how research and development partnerships between universities and entrepreneurs will result in economic growth and improved university education

Halifax, Nova Scotia - A new Halifax event will show how partnerships between Atlantic Canadian universities and entrepreneurs…

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Endurance Buys Seaforth Assets

Endurance Wind Power of Surrey, B.C., has bought some of the assets of wind turbine maker Seaforth Energy and opened a regional office and service centre in the Nova Scotian startup’s former base of Dartmouth.

The buyer, one of the world's leading manufacturers of wind turbines for local power generation, issued a statement late Thursday announcing the opening of the office. Former Seaforth CEO Mike Morris, who joined the company…

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Dal, Next 36 Form Partnership

Dalhousie University and The Next 36 have struck a partnership that will help more Dal undergrads attend one of the most demanding startup programs in the country.

Dal President Richard Florizone and Jon French, Director of Marketing and Communications at The Next 36, announced the partnership at a reception at the president’s residence on Wednesday.  

Though Dal students have already gone through…

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Genome Canada Funds 2 Programs

Genome Canada on Wednesday announced two research projects totalling $7.6 million that will undertake genomic research with the goal of improving East Coast aquaculture.

The not-for-profit organization that champions genetic research in the country announced two projects in the region that will each receive $3.8 million. They are: the Salmon and Chips Project, which is a collaboration of Cooke Aquaculture Inc.…

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Press Release: ABK Advisers

ABK Biomedical Inc., a Halifax based medical device company, has issued the following press release:

ABK Biomedical Attracts World Leaders to Clinical Advisory Board

HALIFAX, Canada; October 15, 2014 - ABK Biomedical Inc., a Halifax based medical device company, today announced the appointment of three leading experts in interventional radiology to its Clinical Advisory Board: Dr. Scott Goodwin, Dr. Jim Spies and Dr.…

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The #startupeast Reality TV Show

The Atlantic Canadian startup community is about to get its own reality TV show.

Startup Kitchen, the Fredericton group that produces video content on startups in the community, is upping its game with more of a documentary format. The production will appear as before on Bell Community One and now be called #startupeast.

The first production of #startupeast is a three-part series on the latest cohort of the Propel 2.0 accelerator, in…

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NB Gives $90K Grant to HotSpot

One week after taking office, New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant has announced a $90,000 funding for Fredericton-based HotSpot Parking Inc., a recent graduate of the Launch36 accelerator.

Beyond the facts of the funding and its benefit for an interesting company, Gallant has sent a few strong signals about startups.

When the new Liberal premier and his cabinet were sworn in on Oct. 7, Gallant took a few cabinet portfolios for himself,…

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Press Release: Honibe Partnership

Island Abbey Foods Ltd. Announced Today A Partnership With Leading French  Pharmaceutical Company Gifrer

Honibe Co-Branding With Gifrer Alma miel Creating France’s First All Natural Honey Lozenges with Vitamin C, Menthol and Eucalyptus

Charlottetown, PE, Canada – October 14, 2014 – Island Abbey Foods, a PEI based natural health product producer, has announced today a new partnership between their flag ship brand Honibe…

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LiveLenz Lands Funding, New CEO

With a new management team, product and funding round, Livelenz Inc. of Bedford is looking to expand its sales and marketing efforts and extend its reach into the fast-food and casual restaurant markets.

Jon McGinley, a veteran of such startups as Bluedrop Performance Learning and Radian6, became CEO in July. McGinley succeeded co-founder Joel Doherty, who left to lead the Epson cloud initiative for Epson America, Inc., the world’s largest…

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Holt: Linking Startups & Corporates

There are many theories about how best to encourage entrepreneurs. Susan Holt, president and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council, links entrepreneurs with seasoned business people and encourages the veterans to become early adopters of the startups’ new products and services.

Holt is a familiar face at startup events in New Brunswick. It might seem mere common sense to link business vets with newbies but her approach is actually unusual.

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Dodoname Aids Consumer Privacy

Michael J. Gaffney wants to protect the privacy of consumers around the world when they register on a website, and he wants to do it — at least in part — from Nova Scotia.

An Ottawa resident, Gaffney is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in six startups, for which he’s raised about $15 million. His latest venture is Dodoname, a company that helps consumers preserve their privacy and helps e-retailers to target consumers who…

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Agile Sensor Targets Drone Upgrades

Having grown out of a research grant from a major defense contractor, Agile Sensor Technologies Inc. is now marketing products that improve the operation of unmanned vehicles that travel in the sky, the sea and on land.

Founded on intellectual property developed at Memorial University, the St. John’s company is now selling its own proprietary quadcopter  (a little unmanned helicopter with four rotors)…

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200 Teachers To Use Agora’s Vizwik

Moncton-based startup Agora Mobile has launched a new method of teaching coding and has already signed up about 200 teachers to use the product.

Agora Mobile is an ambitious company founded by Dalhousie University computer science alum Simon Gauvin, who hopes to revolutionize the way people learn coding.

Agora’s main product, Vizwik, lets anyone create apps that work on all mobile devices and that never…

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Drawing Women to the Gaming Sector

Although women are playing online games in ever greater numbers, female game developers and computer programmers remain rare. That’s something Kirsten Tomilson is working to change as she develops her own digital media company, Fourth Monkey Media.

“I don’t understand why there aren’t more women working in the gaming industry,” said Tomilson, CEO and president of the Bridgewater-based venture.

“I go to several…

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ABK Names Abraham CEO

ABK Biomedical Inc., a Halifax medical device startup, said Thursday it has appointed founder Bob Abraham as its new CEO, succeeding industry vet Pat O’Connor.

The company had had bases in both Halifax and Ireland, but under Abraham’s leadership it will consolidate its operations in Halifax.  

ABK is the developer of OccluRad — tiny bio-compatible glass beads used to treat uterine fibroids, or benign tumours, in…

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Athlegen’s Gene Analysis for Athletes

Athletigen Technologies Inc., the Halifax startup that owns the world’s largest sports genetic databank, has launched a product to help coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve performance through sports-related genetic analysis.

CEO Jeremy Koenig has been plotting a course to launch the product in conjunction with a genetic ancestry service offered by the world-leading, direct-to-consumer genetics provider, 23andMe. Hoping to engage…

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Pluses & Minuses of Strategic Deals

The plain facts about strategic investments bubbled to the surface at Invest Atlantic on Tuesday during a no-sugar-coating discussion on whether strategic or venture capital investments are better.

It’s difficult to write a conclusion on the panel discussion titled Corporate vs. Venture Capital Investment. Its strength was that there were so many views, often opposing views, presented clearly by people with tremendous experience in the…

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Nicole LeBlanc Joins BDC in Toronto

Nicole LeBlanc, until recently the CFO of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, is moving to a new role in Toronto.

Speaking from Montreal, where she is training ahead of beginning her new job with the Strategic Investments & Partnership Group at the Business Development Bank of Canada, LeBlanc said she is excited by the move but will continue to support Atlantic Canadian companies.

“My husband (Philip…

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Using IT to Revolutionize Cleaning

In February, Michael Brown and Matt Cooper tried an experiment that would indicate whether their idea for an online cleaning service would work.

They wanted to know whether complete strangers would go online to book cleaners, leave their credit card details and allow cleaners into their house. The key was the customer had to be a stranger, because that would tell them whether their business would work beyond a circle of friends. Within six days, they had their first customer and Clean…

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Vish Solutions Wins PitchCamp

Vish Solutions, a St. John`s startup that helps to improve the efficiency of hair salons, captured first place at the PitchCamp competition that kicked off Invest Atlantic last night.

Vish addresses an unlikely but potentially lucrative pain point. One of the most expensive costs  of running a hair salon is hair dye, but they waste about one-third of  their pigments by not having the right…

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Bonfire’s Minimum Viable Marketing

Atlantic Canada may seem an unlikely place to establish a marketing and PR agency with a focus on startups, but entrepreneurship is growing fast in this region and Allan Gates, partner at Bonfire Communications, sees an opportunity.

Saint John-based Gates said many entrepreneurs fail to grasp the importance of early-stage marketing.

 “Startups are usually launched by people with a technology background and their focus is on…

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Contestants at PitchCamp Named

Bob Williamson, the organizer of Invest Atlantic, has almost finalized the list of 16 contestants to compete in PitchCamp next week.

Invest Atlantic will host PitchCamp the night before the main conference as a showcase for young companies in the area, and a chance for them to get feedback on their business models and pitches. It takes place 4:30 to 6:30 pm on Monday at the World Trade and…

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Local Startups Shine at Startup Empire

Highlighting the progress being made by local startups, Halifax e-commerce company Dash Hudson used the Startup Empire conference Tuesday to unveil a new feature that will make it easier for people to buy appealing clothes online.

Founder and CEO Thomas Rankin told the conference that Dash Hudson now allows subscribers to click on an Instagram photo of a model wearing clothes. The subscriber is instantly taken to an online store, where he or she can…

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Peter Hickey: Let’s Reform Tax Credits

Ever since Radian6 and GoInstant were sold to salesforce.com, there has been a lot of talk about the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Atlantic Canada. How can we keep churning out great, innovative companies that attract world class companies to invest in or buy our companies, creating both wealth for the founders, their employees and investors and adding high paying jobs to our region? Cloning Marcel LeBrun or Jevon MacDonald is likely not an option so we need to figure out how to support our…

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Press Release: SimplyCast’s Fund

SimplyCast, the Dartmouth multi-channel martking company, has issued the following press release:

SimplyCast Announces $2.3 Million Marketing Automation Integration Fund

The fund enables organizations to integrate and automate their internal processes with the SimplyCast platform, while greatly reducing the cost of development.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, September 23, 2014 - SimplyCast.com, a global leader…

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PropelICT Unveils 20-team Cohort

Doubling its previous capacity, PropelICT has named 20 companies from around the region to its next cohort, which will take place in Moncton, Fredericton and Halifax over the next three month.

The regional accelerator program refers its new system of mentoring young startups as Propel 2.0, signaling how it is increasing its ambitions and its ability to mentor young companies. Since it began its Launch36 accelerator three years ago, it has never had more…

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Sentinel: 1st NL Startup in Launch36

Sentinel Alert, a St. John’s start-up that is developing a wearable technology devoted to worker safety, has become the first company from Newfoundland and Labrador accepted into the prestigious Launch36 technology accelerator.

The company has spent about a year prototyping and validating technology that can tell large companies and/or governments when a lone worker — such as a lineman for an electricity company — has had an accident or is in jeopardy.


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ProductCamp Atlantic Set for October

 “Product manager” is a difficult position to define let alone master. And to help people do both, ProductCamp is coming to Halifax next month.

ProductCamp is a loosely organized get-together in which product managers, marketing professionals and people interested in product management can meet up, find areas of common interest and mentor on another on best practices. ProductCamp Atlantic will be held Saturday Oct. 25…

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Press Release: Neurodyn’s Phase 1A

Neurodyn, the Charlottetown startup working on treatments for neurological diseases,  has issued the following press release:

Positive Phase 1a outcome for Memogain

Neurodyn Life Sciences Inc. announced completion of its first-in-human clinical study, demonstrating Memogain’s potential benefits over existing Alzheimer’s drugs;

•            …

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Skerry Takes Charge on EyeRead

Leah Skerry was shocked to learn that one of her friends struggled through high school without being able to read.

Her friend’s experience helped motivate Skerry to develop EyeRead, an affordable eye-tracking software able to assess and aid children’s reading.

The device is still being developed, and Skerry, a partner at Halifax web development and invention firm Norex, and her co-workers are seeking investment in San Francisco…

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ScreenScape Simplifies Digital Signage

If you’re a Maritime startup launching a new product, it doesn’t hurt to be partnering with one of the world’s largest makers of hardware.

That’s exactly what digital signage specialist ScreenScape Networks of Charlottetown has done as it unveiled ScreenScape Connect this week in partnership with Round Rock, Texas, computer maker Dell Inc.

ScreenScape launched Tuesday the product to…

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Busiest Week on the Startup Calendar

Ready for the busiest eight days on the Halifax startup calendar?

You better be because five events that speak to the entire community will take place in the Nova Scotia capital between Sept. 22 and 30. It begins with MentorCamp on Monday, followed by the new Startup Empire conference, the Entrevestor-Entrepreneurs’ Forum dinner, Startup Weekend and Invest Atlantic. DemoCamp had been scheduled for Sept. 24, but a notice on the Volta website says it has been delayed until November.

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Can We Reform Equity Tax Credits?

Next Thursday, members of the startup community will have an opportunity to discuss a matter that has been on their minds for years – how to liberalize the patchwork of angel tax credits in the region.

Rob Barbara, Partner at Build Ventures, will lead a discussion on this subject at the Entrevestor-Entrepreneurs’ Forum dinner in Halifax. The goal is to come up with new ideas, maybe even a consensus, on how to improve the system for incentivizing…

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Helping People Order Pizzas Online

Matt Stewart and Rob Myers should be poster boys for holding down business development costs.

Last year, the two residents of Sydney won $10,000 from the initial Spark Cape Breton competition, which Innovacorp held to encourage startups on the island. The pair won for a company called InstantDiner, which they hoped would become an online ordering and reservation system for independent restaurants.


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ROV3D Launched at Oceans ‘14

As the Oceans ’14 conference gets under way in St. John’s today, a local startup will debut the 3D underwater visualization system it has been working on for several years.

Whitecap Scientific has developed a product called ROV3D, which creates interactive three-dimensional diagrams of underwater structures and objects using information collected by cameras on un-manned rovers. The company…

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Highlights of Entrevestor-EF Event

The problem of attracting early adopters once again showed itself at the Entrevestor-Entrepreneurs’ Forum luncheon in St. John’s on Thursday, even though it hadn’t been invited.

We had a great turnout and a truly superb meal at the Junior Common Room at Gushue Hall, Memorial University of Newfoundland. About 45 people turned out to join in two discussions – one about the coming Venture Newfoundland and Labrador Fund, and another on encouraging corporations to invest…

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Press Release: Norex in Japan

Norex, the Halifax web development company, has issued the following press release:

Halifax based innovation and web firm Norex presenting at the world’s largest AdTech conference in Tokyo

Halifax, NS -- September 9, 2014 – It is not every day that one of our Halifax based technology companies is featured at the largest AdTech conference on the other side of the world but on September 18, Partner Leah Skerry of…

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Profile: Rayworth’s Road Uphill

Failure isn’t something most of us celebrate, but Kathleen Rayworth said her failures help her to be an effective executive director of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, a regional organization that links entrepreneurs with seasoned advisers from the business world.

Rayworth has been working at the forum since 2007, becoming executive director in 2010. Despite her characteristic modesty, she is respected around the region for her work…

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Invest Atlantic to Focus on Angels

The fifth annual Invest Atlantic conference will shine a spotlight on a problem that hounds every startup community — how to encourage more wealthy individuals to invest in local young companies?

Since it began in 2010, Invest Atlantic has chosen a theme each year, such as partnering with corporations or global investing, and in 2014 is focusing on angel investment. That’s investment in startups by individuals, either on their own…

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Assessing the Lean Canvas

When Claire Ciel Zimmerman entered the Summ’er Up entrepreneurship program at Dalhousie University this summer, she hadn’t even heard of a lean canvas.

The co-founder of the magazine publishing startup Bootstrap had to learn how to use the nine panels of the canvas to test theories on developing a business.

“As my colleagues and I moved through the program…

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HWKI’s Wearable Hockey Camera

When Shea Kewin and Tim Priamo were playing hockey together as children in Guelph, Ont., they couldn’t have known they’d one day form a company to help players improve their game.

The two former teammates are the co-founders of HWKI, which has developed a camera that fits on a hockey helmet. The device lets players record what they see as they play a game or practise, and then review it later on a mobile or computer device, and share it with…

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Press Release: CelluFuel Funding

Cellufuel, a Halifax renewable energy company, and PwC Corporate Finance have released the following statement:

CelluFuel raises $5 million in capital, launches demonstration scale project

PwC Corporate Finance Inc. acted as lead advisor on the transaction and secured private equity investors

HALIFAX, Sept. 3, 2014  - Today, Halifax, NS-based CelluFuel Inc. announced that it has completed a $5 million capital…

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Education Institution Report is Here

We’re pleased today to release our third Entrevestor Intelligence report of 2014, which focuses on the contribution of educational institutions to the startup community.

Titled “Our Back-to-School Issue”, the report highlights several programs and facets involving universities and colleges that are helping to generate growth in the startup segment. A PDF version of the report is available permanently under the “Entrevestor Intelligence” tab at the right of…

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Profile: ‘Notably Candid’ Nagtegaal

Toon Nagtegaal is ready to take TheNextPhase to the next phase.

The notably candid Dutchman behind the three-day workshop that makes entrepreneurs sweat, and occasionally cry, is developing a new program that would engage startups over a longer period. The idea is to help them transition off the starting blocks and into growth.

In the four years since TheNextPhase started, Nagtegaal and his partners have put about 100 companies through…

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Press Release: Modest3D Launch

Modest Tree, a Halifax startup whose SaaS product reduces the cost and time involved in making three-dimensional training programs by as much as 85 percent

Simplifying the Creation of 3D Interactive training: Modest Tree unveils Modest3D™

Halifax, Nova Scotia (September 4, 2014) - Modest Tree, a Halifax-based 3D interactive software and training solutions company, announced today the launch of its 3D authoring software,…

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What To Do About Startups Leaving

It’s beginning to appear that Atlantic Canadians are going down the road for more than just jobs in Fort McMurray. The region’s startups are also feeling the lure of larger markets.

More frequently, when I contact an Atlantic Canadian startup I learn that the founders — the key decision-makers — have moved to Waterloo, Toronto or other larger centres. I don’t have data on the numbers, though it’s something I hope to produce. But the anecdotal evidence…

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Press Release: Venture for Canada

Venture for Canada, which helps grads find work in Canadian startups, has issued the following press release:

Venture for Canada Launches its Graduate Placement Product

TORONTO, Aug. 25, 2014 -- Venture for Canada has launched its search for the next generation of top Canadian business leaders.  Recent grads and soon to be grads have until September 30th, 2014 to apply for the first application round of Venture…

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Press Release: CarbonCure & Snyder

CarbonCure Technologies, the Halifax-based maker of green building materials, has issued the following press release:

Snyder and CarbonCure connect on sustainability

Snyder to offer green concrete products to the Ohio region

August 28, 2014 - Canadian clean-tech company CarbonCure Technologies Inc. has signed a deal with Ohio-based Snyder Brick & Block to begin producing low carbon concrete products for the Ohio building market.…

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Press Release: SimplyCast Q2 Growth

SimplyCast, the Dartmouth-based multi-channel marketing startup, has issued the following press release:

SimplyCast Continues to Achieve Triple Digit Growth in Q2

SimplyCast has experienced triple digit customer growth in Q1 and Q2 for customers using SimplyCast 360.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, September 3, 2014 - SimplyCast.com, a global leader in multi-channel marketing Platform-as-a-Service solutions, is proud to…

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SkySquirrel to Launch Farm Product

A year after it pivoted away from a search and rescue product, SkySquirrel Technologies is launching a drone-based product that can help farmers improve growing conditions.

Based in Inverness on Cape Breton Island, the company has always been dedicated to using drones to help customers do things that would be more difficult to do on the ground. The original team of Tim Stekkinger, Richard Van der Put, and Stephane Sogne had planned to use the drones…

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New Time for St. John’s Event

The time of the Entrevestor-Entrepreneurs’ Forum event to be held in St. John’s on Sept. 11 has been changed to mid-day due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict.

The Entrevestor-EF Luncheon will now begin at 11 am at the Common Room at Gushue Hall at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Like the Entrevestor-EF Dinners, the purpose of the luncheon is to let members…

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Four Launch36 Grads Get BDC Notes

As it announced ambitious organizational changes, PropelICT revealed Thursday that four startups that went through Cohort 4 of its Launch36 accelerator have received $150,000 convertible notes from BDC Venture Capital.

Propel held its annual general meeting Thursday night, formalizing its plan to hold three simultaneous cohorts this autumn and announcing a new board…

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After 2 Exits, Thompson Heads Propel

Having founded and successfully exited two tech startups by the time he was 43, Fredericton native Jeff Thompson brings a lot of street cred and star quality to his new role as chairman and president of regional startup support group, Propel ICT.

Thompson took up his role on Thursday, although he has been involved with Propel ICT, most recently as vice-president, since 2011 when he helped thrash out the vision for what has become the group’s successful…

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Entrevestor on Holiday Next Week

Entrevestor will take its annual summer holiday next week and will not be covering news until after Labour Day. 

We will return as usual on Sept. 2. 

We hope all our readers have a happy and safe long weekend. 

Peter and Carol Moreira. 


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GetGoing Gets Going at Bootcamp

Starting this week, a new Halifax startup is taking part in a boot camp for women in technology at Waterloo, Ont.-based Communitech, the country’s premiere startup lab.

GetGoing hopes to use its time in the Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp to get feedback on its product for entrepreneurs. It has created a simple app that helps small businesses — traditional businesses as well…

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BioPort Now a More Regional Event

BioPort Atlantic, the annual conference for the East Coast life sciences industry, is moving closer to being a truly regional event as it is now being promoted by organizations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

BioNova, the Nova Scotia life sciences association, has announced that companies from the three provinces will be able to enter the BioInnovation Challenge, the $15,000 pitching contest…

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Gillis, 15, Brings Bitness to Market

While most of the teens at the Shad Valley tech and entrepreneurship camp in July focused on their science projects, Alex Gillis might have been a bit distracted by the business he’d started two months before.

He is now launching the business, which places a small electronic monitor in retail locations like coffee shops to track the customer traffic and spending, and provide data on customer behaviour. Gillis and his partners call their service Bitness…

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Press Release: FoodTender Launch

FoodTender, the Shediac, N.B.-based online ordering system for restaurants, issued the following press release today:

FoodTender Launches Free Online Ordering Service In Major Technology Advance for Restaurants and Foodservice Suppliers

Web-based Platform Allows Restaurants to Easily Order from Multiple Suppliers

For Immediate Release - August 19, 2014

SHEDIAC, CANADA—FoodTender, the first comprehensive web-based ordering…

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Profile: Robert Niven’s Next Product

Eight years after he attended a climate change conference as a student and realized that his carbon capture theory could help lessen climate change, Robert Niven is launching a ready-mix concrete product he expects to grow his company and cut pollution.

Niven is CEO and founder of Halifax’s CarbonCure Technologies, a clean-tech company that adds waste carbon dioxide to concrete production, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Concrete is the…

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Engage Conference Set for Sept. 25

The Engage 2014 Conference, which will encourage innovation and commercialization at post-secondary institutions, will be held in Halifax on Sept. 25 and may lead to other similarly themed events throughout the region.

Although the number of events in the startup space has risen dramatically in recent years, organizer Mark Taylor said there is a need for an event examining how universities and colleges spawn innovation and then turn it into…

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Press Releases: Planet Hatch

Planet Hatch, the Fredericton startup centre, has released the following press releases:

 Launch36 Information Session

As you may know, applications for the Fall 2014 Cohort are now OPEN!

In collaboration with Volta Labs, we will be adopting both the Start and Build accelerator programs, products of Launch36, for our next batch of startups!

This evening (Thursday) we will be hosting an information…

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Oasis Farmery: Aquaponics Pioneers

Imagine, if you will, a goldfish tank sitting in your kitchen, with a vegetable and herb garden sitting on top of it. The waste from the goldfish fertilizes the plants, a process that in turn cleans the water for the fish. Now imagine your family sitting beside it, eating the produce from this system.

This simple system — known as aquaponics — is the premise behind Oasis Farmery, a Fredericton startup now trying to raise $10,000 in a Continue Reading

Irap Funding on the Rise

Irap funding has returned almost to Economic Action Plan levels – and the rise has been especially strong in New Brunswick.

The National Research Council’s Industrial Assistant Program, known as Irap, is a cornerstone program of startup communities across the country, and certainly in Atlantic Canada. Data from the NRC show that Irap funding in Atlantic Canada rose 49 percent to $20.6 million in the year ended March…

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Profile: MacAusland Extends Reach

With this week’s announcement of new collaborations with regional partners Planet Hatch and Volta Labs, East Coast startup accelerator Launch36 is moving one step closer to its goal of being a truly regional organization.

On Wednesday, the group’s friendly-and-frank leader Trevor MacAusland announced the group will hold its Launch36 Start program for new companies at…

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David King Leaves Genesis for Qatar

The Genesis Group of St. John’s, which operates one of the most successful business incubators in the country, will soon enter a new phase of its development — but without the man who has steered the firm for the past two decades.

David King, who joined an earlier incarnation of the group in 1993, has announced that he will leave his post as chief executive officer to move to Qatar in the United Arab Emirates.


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Wagepoint Launches in the U.S.

Having attracted its 500th client by focusing on Canada, Wagepoint last month launched in the U.S. and is now offering its online payroll service in all 50 states.

Wagepoint offers an affordable solution to help businesses perform all the tasks associated with payroll through a single solution. That means that small and medium-sized businesses can use Wagepoint to pay employees, deduct taxes, keep records of their payments and similar functions.

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Press Release: Propel, Volta & Hatch

PropelICT, the regional accelerator program, released the following press release yesterday, announcing its partnership with Planet Hatch and Volta Labs:

Launch36 Announces Launch of "Start", "Build" Tracks

For immediate release

Moncton, NB – August 5, 2014 – East Coast startup accelerator Launch36 has opened applications for its fifth cohort of companies. So far, 32 companies have completed the 12-week program…

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Press Release: Startup Calendar

The Atlantic Media Group issued the following press release last week:

Atlantic Mentor Group Launches Startup Calendar in Halifax

July 31, 2014 – Halifax, NS

Today marks the official launch of Startup Calendar, an online tool to enable start-ups to share their events with other members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The intent is to connect events with start-ups, sponsors, supporters, and attendees – all in one convenient, easy-to-use location.…

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VidSnippets Eyes Autumn Launch

To enter the pitching competition at Invest Atlantic this year, entrepreneurs must submit a one-minute video introducing their business, and they can highlight the most enticing 10 seconds using an exciting piece of technology being developed in Halifax.

VidSnippets is preparing to launch its new product at a few events this September after incubating the product for almost a year in the Masters…

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Profile: Building a Metamaterials Hub

Now that Dartmouth-based Metamaterials Technology has signed a partnership agreement with Airbus, founder and CEO George Palikaras aims to turn Atlantic Canada into a centre for producing optical metamaterials.

Palikaras has developed metamaterials — synthetic substances with properties not found in nature — that use nanotechnology to filter, absorb or enhance light. Now he’s looking at partners to create a manufacturing…

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Persistence Pays Off for eOLIO

Traci Johnstone’s story is a study of tenacity and style, and she has poured those two facets into the startup she’s launching this year, eOLIO.

The startup — the name is a shortening of e-portfolio — is an online tool that helps people present a portfolio of their work online, and helps companies view such portfolios when they are recruiting prospective employees. The Halifax company has been going through limited launches for…

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FounderFuel Accepts Brownie Points

Brownie Points, the St. John’s startup that has developed a customer loyalty tool for small retailers, has been accepted into the Montreal accelerator FounderFuel, offering it a chance to grow in a major Canadian city.

The company now has its point of sale product in about 40 locations in St. John’s and Halifax and now has to figure out a way to increase sales dramatically, especially in larger…

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