British Columbia-based non-profit Ocean Legacy has begun producing what it calls the first commercially available plastic pellet in North America made from 100 per cent recycled ocean plastics. The foundation has also announced a partnership with Full Circle Plastics of Alberta, which makes recycled plastic products to replace traditional lumber used in commercial, industrial and residential construction.

In a statement, Richmond-based Ocean Legacy said its Legacy Plastic is made from recycled ocean plastics recovered during ocean, shoreline, and marine equipment cleanups of the Pacific Coast. The recovered waste includes marine gear such as fishing ropes, buoys, floats, oyster trays and other anthropogenic debris collected by the foundation itself and partner groups.. 

“We soft launched Legacy Plastic in 2021 and we are thrilled with the amount of interest that it has received from companies that want to incorporate recycled content into their products,” said Chloé Dubois, co-founder of the foundation. “Legacy Plastic contributes to the plastic circular economy and reduces land and ocean pollution.”

Dubois said Legacy Plastic allows companies to meet their sustainability goals to manufacture their products using local, high quality post-consumer recycled content resins that have a relatively lower carbon footprint when compared to virgin plastic production. 

Begun in 2013, the foundation develops and implements worldwide plastic pollution response programs with the goal of ending plastic pollution. It combines sustainable technologies, education, and skills training to convert plastic pollution into economic value while providing local communities with the tools they need to prevent plastic pollution and protect their environments.