We would like to take the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to Entrevestor, and to providing the Atlantic Canadian startup community with news and data.

On Tuesday, we marked World Oceans Day with our first post in our new oceans-themed page Entrevestor Oceantech. Meanwhile, over the weekend, we told friends on social media we have sold our house in Nova Scotia and will be spending more time in the U.K. We also plan to travel to research and promote our coverage of the global blue economy. 

We are excited by these new opportunities but wish to stress that we remain committed to Entrevestor.  We have recently been joined by Avery Mullen, a talented and passionate young business reporter, who is based in the region. We invite you to contact Avery with your news at  avery_mullen@protonmail.com.

We believe the oceans publication is an important opportunity for our company, and our intention is to grow it in tandem with Entrevestor. We look forward to seeing all our friends in the startup community out and about when pandemic restrictions allow.

With very best wishes and many thanks for your support over the past decade.

Peter and Carol