We’re looking for a business and technology reporter.

Entrevestor is the main source of news for technology and innovation companies in Atlantic Canada, which we believe is the most exciting component of the regional economy. We are looking for a reporter with a passion for reporting on business and/or technology and a desire to learn more about this branch of journalism.  We pay a competitive salary and pride ourselves on mentoring young reporters.

Our ideal candidate will display these traits:

A fascination with business and technology.  To report on startups is to sit at the intersection of technology and economics, and we’re looking for someone who considers that a pretty cool place to be. We want someone who is curious not just about how a product works, but whether there’s a market for it and how the entrepreneur will get it to the market. If you’re enthralled by these things, get in touch. If not, this might not be the job for you.

A love of the English language. Be warned: we are grammar hawks. We want someone who can succinctly explain complex concepts in terms most people can understand. We need a good writer, and someone who is eager to improve his or her writing.

Character. We value you as a person and will help your growth as a journalist. With our paid interns and previous staff, we have spent countless hours in mentorship and personal development. We promise to do the same with you. In return, we want someone who is reliable, pleasant and hard-working.


Job Description

Our reporter’s main job will be to interview entrepreneurs and profile their businesses. We want the human side of the entrepreneur’s story, and we want as many business details as we can get. We’re especially keen on the company’s revenues, funding, staffing and outlook. These articles tend to be 500 to 600 words.

The reporter will also be responsible for rewriting press releases, usually with a quick turnaround, sometimes with phone calls to spin them into full stories.

Over time, we also want a reporter who understands the big picture. That means filing more in-depth analyses and helping us with our research into the Atlantic Canadian startup community.   



We’re looking for someone with experience in journalism or a journalism degree. Experience in business reporting would be a real bonus.
Our coverage in Halifax is increasing, so we would prefer someone based in Halifax.
Facility with video, photography and social media would help but is not essential.  

If you’re interested, send us an email at peter@entrevestor.com. Please include a resume and a sample of your UNEDITED writing.


About Entrevestor

Founded by journalists Peter and Carol Moreira, Entrevestor provides news and data on Atlantic Canadian startups and high-growth innovators. We provide daily news on innovation companies in all four Atlantic Provinces on Entrevestor.com. Our annual data report has become the benchmark for metrics on this sector of the economy, and is the main source of our income.