Halifax startup hub Volta is switching from 12-week cohorts to a rolling enrolment model for its Academy training program for very early-stage founders.

The free course was previously held twice a year. Now, intake will be continuous and the program will be split into four segments that entrepreneurs will be able to start at any time.

Each of the four modules will focus on a different topic -- building a team, customer discovery, designing a minimum viable product, and product-market fit. Volta said in a press release it hopes the change will cumulatively help founders learn the basics of how to grow a startup.

Chief Innovation Officer Matt Cooper said in an interview that Volta axed the most recent session of Academy due to a lack of applicants, but had previously collected feedback from participants indicating that they would prefer a change in format.

“We had lots of feedback that was around, ‘It would be really great if we had more time to do hands-on work,’” he said. “There were 12 weeks of content, or 12 different sessions that we held, and there was a request to do more hands-on work or create more time for the one-on-one feedback.”

The new program will be virtual and include a combination of pre-recorded and interactive content.

“Based on feedback from previous Academy participants, we’re using a ‘flipped classroom’ approach...” said Cooper in the press release. “In this approach, participants can watch pre-recorded content and then complete assignments prior to coming to the scheduled classes.”

Applications for the program are open and founders can apply at any time. There is no deadline, but the online learning system will not be accessible until Feb. 14. Anyone interested in participating can find more information and an application form here.