Lunch and Learn, a virtual connector event for women entrepreneurs, will take place on Thursday. Hosted by ONSIDE, a community accelerator program in Nova Scotia, the event aims to help entrepreneurs of underrepresented groups network.

The organizers hope participants can foster meaningful and informative connections with other female entrepreneurs. The speakers at the event include:

  • Nicole Knickle-Hatt, the COO of Mashup Lab, an organization that provides programs for rural startups;
  • And Janaki Hadida, the partnership and development lead of Coralus (formerly known as SheEo). Coralus offers resources for female and non-binary entrepreneurs.


Attendees will also learn about ONSIDE’s upcoming Start Now Incubator project and the Virtual Business Incubator program. Both of these programs are set to start this month.

The event will begin at noon AST and will last for around an hour. Anyone interested can register here.