Halifax inventory management platform Frenter was one of seven startups Saturday to pitch in the demo day for Silicon Valley’s Launch accelerator, co-founded by Jason Calacanis — a prominent angel investor known for being an early backer of Uber and no-fee retail investor platform Robinhood.

Helmed by 17-year-old Zach Laberge and now with an investment from Calacanis, Frenter is an inventory management platform for companies that rent construction equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators and mining equipment.

Laberge has so far raised about $1.3 million of equity funding, including investments from Calacanis, John Risley’s CFFI Ventures and the 1517 Fund, which specializes in backing youthful founders.

LinkedIn data shows Frenter as having 10 employees, counting Laberge — up from six last year.

Launch, meanwhile, invests in 40 startups per year, most of which also complete its 12-week accelerator.

Originally conceived by Laberge as an online marketplace that would have offered users the ability to rent items such as bikes, kayaks and electric saws from one another, Frenter pivoted in 2021 to become a software platform for existing equipment rental companies.

Frenter recently posted an opening for a Lead Engineer. You can find the posting here