Are you an Atlantic Canadian founder who has been meaning to fill out the Entrevestor survey? If so, there’s no better day than today to get around to it.

So many founders have told us they intend to fill out the survey, but then the reality of running a startup gets in the way and they forget. We understand, but would like to ask again for founders to take three or four minutes to fill it out.

By completing our simple, 12-question survey, you’re helping to ensure we have the best information possible when compiling the report, which feeds through to the people making decisions on the support programs in the region.

You can find the survey by clicking on this image:

Our survey comprises a mere 12 questions and it's 100 percent confidential. We do NOT publish data on individual companies, only aggregated data. You can skip any question you would prefer not to answer.

For responses to be accepted, founders need to meet our three criteria for a startup: 1. An Atlantic Canadian-owned company; 2. Commercializing innovation; and 3. Making a product for a global market.

The responses are flowing in, but we need more – a lot more. So please take a few minutes today and get the completed surveys into us.