We’re delighted to announce we’ll launch our 2021 Atlantic Canada Startup Data report at noon on June 14 in a live event at Volta, which will be streamed to people who can’t attend in person.

Our data has become the benchmark for the Atlantic Canadian startup community in recent years. Each year, we tally up the total number of startups, and assess their employees, funding and revenue, providing a vivid picture of how the community has evolved.

Our analysis of 2021 will include such highlights as: Meta Material listing on the Nasdaq and Innovacorp exiting for a $100M+ gain; CarbonCure winning the Carbon Xprize; record funding in New Brunswick, and a strong performance in hiring, funding and revenue growth across the region.

Our reporter Avery Mullen and I will detail all the trends in our latest startup data presentation.

The registration for this free event is here. You can register on this channel whether you’ll be attending in person if you're in Halifax or viewing the presentation via the livestream.

We would like to thank Matt Cooper, Amy Conrad and the Volta team for working with us to present this data.