Seven companies pitched at Halifax startup hub Volta’s spring Investment Day event Tuesday, which it hosted in collaboration with accelerator Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic.

The event gave pre-vetted seed-stage and Series A companies the chance to pitch to an audience of funders and industry players from both inside and outside Atlantic Canada, followed by opportunities to meet with investors.

To be eligible, startups had to be headquartered in Atlantic Canada and capable of demonstrating traction, such as evidence of having validated their business models, early adopter users or even paying customers.

Here’s a look at the companies that pitched:


Allison Murray and Dawne Skinner


Acuicy sells business intelligence software to help customers build net-zero supply chains faster and at lower cost.


Matthew Mizzi


Drinkable has developed a device that is smaller than a smartphone and tests water for about a dozen common contaminants, such as lead, arsenic and uranium.


Pascal McCarthy, Patricia Chareka


Parados’s software analyzes video of workers performing a variety of different movements to assess the risk of someone experiencing a workplace injury.


Craig Summers


SailTimer is building a hardware and software system to crowdsource and analyze maritime weather data to help commercial ships operate more efficiently, such as by conserving fuel.

Sandbox ERP

Robert Chambers


Sandbox is a suite of software tools that can be used to build ERP, or enterprise resource planning, environments. The software’s purpose is to help small businesses replace spreadsheets with cloud-based databases and consolidate their data.


Sam Daviau


UpBeing is a social app that lets users share check-ins about their wellbeing, such as their mood and energy levels.


Craig Hannam and Ajay Pande


Veristart is working on software to make cloud-based keys for construction equipment, solving the security problem that results because each vehicle of a given model usually has an identical physical key.