As many of our readers know, the union representing reporters, editors and photographers at the Chronicle-Herald in Halifax is now on strike. We want our readers to know our position during the strike as Entrevestor has contributed three articles a week to the Chronicle-Herald for more than three years.

Entrevestor will continue to place three articles a week in the paper, declining requests from the respective parties in the dispute to increase or cut off our contribution during the disruption.

We’ve taken this position because our company has a long-standing agreement with a client, and we intend to honour our obligations to our clients. We also consider our arrangement with the Herald as part of our mission to broadcast as far as possible what’s happening in the East Coast startup community.

Finally, Entrevestor is now in expansion mode, increasing our activity in the Waterloo Region in Ontario. This expansion costs money and we cannot restrict income during a period of growth. We have two part-time reporters and an artist – all of whom do great work for us. They rely on us, and we need income to pay them.

We fervently hope the two parties in this dispute are able to resolve their differences soon.