Canada’s Ocean Supercluster has inked a collaboration and knowledge-sharing deal with Fórum Oceano, a government-backed Portuguese nonprofit that nurtures the ocean economy.

Created in 2009, Fórum Oceano is now officially designated by Portugal as the country’s national bluetech cluster. Its member organizations include companies, research and development centres, industry groups and local government entities.

The deal includes knowledge transfer about artificial intelligence in the ocean economy, joint research and development activity, collaborations on climate change adaption work, public awareness initiatives and general collaboration between the member businesses of each cluster.

“Sharing knowledge, experience and data is key to a successful blue economy,” said Ocean Supercluster CEO Kendra MacDonald in a statement.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership with the Fórum Oceano where we will work together with our memberships to cross collaborate and advance solutions in the global blue economy.”

As part of the federal government’s Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Ocean Supercluster is in the process of launching new programming focusing on artificial intelligence in the ocean economy. The Fórum Oceano deal is the first public step in that process.