Sydney-based Protocase is sponsoring a hackathon at innovation hub Navigate Startup House this month aimed at solving socioeconomic problems in Cape Breton.

The event will run for 12 hours on March 25 and four hours on March 26, with a $1,500 prize for the winning programmer or programmers.

“We invite teams of one-three developers of all skill levels to help us solve a major socioeconomic challenge in the CBRM (the exact details will be revealed at the Hackathon),” wrote Navigate Startup House Project Director Megan MacAulay on LinkedIn.

“You can use any language you like, but don’t forget to bring your own computer!”

Founded in 2001, Protocase focuses on combining advances in software with high-tech manufacturing techniques in service of custom manufacturing for the engineering, design and research industries. The company has 161 employees, according to LinkedIn.

Anyone interested in participating can register here.