Sarah Murphy, the CEO and Co-Founder of St. John’s-based Sentinel Alert, captured the $35,000 first prize on Thursday for the pitching event at the Women Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp at Communitech.

Sentinel Alert, co-founded by a Murphy and Jason Janes, is developing software that works with wearable technology to help companies reduce worker accidents. It has already lined up two early adopters. The personal safety device relies on a mix of sensors to identify when a worker in the field or in the shop is at-risk of having an accident. The solution provides timely insights to workers and companies so they can make adjustments quickly and prevent accidents.

“We help companies find the early signs of risk to help prevent accidents from happening,” Murphy said in her pitch.

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Murphy and 24 other female founders were selected for the six-day mentoring camp at Communitech in the summer. They went through three days of mentoring last month, went off with homework (including instructions to contact 100 clients) and came back for the finale this week.

Most of the attendees were from Ontario, though the participants included women from Vancouver, Montreal, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Alexandria, VA.

“We’re really looking at increasing the leadership role of women in technology and this is one way we can do it,” said Communitech Program Manager Alayne Hynes during the pitching event.

Eight women were selected to pitch at the closing Thursday, and the $25,000 second prize was awarded to Renishaki Kamal, the CEO of Waterloo-based Fidget. The company is making a pedal device with rollers on the bottom that lets autistic children blow off pent-up anxiety by fidgeting with it with their feet. Fidget has already booked $70,000 in presales.

Alexa Roeper, CEO of Kitchener-based Penta Medical, captured the $15,000 third prize. Penta is developing a wearable form of infrared therapy that speeds up the healing of soft tissue injuries. It is hoping to attend an incubator in Texas that specializes in helping innovators gain FDA regulatory approval.

The other five pitchers, who will receive $5,000 each, are:

-  Bonnie Cheung, Alpaci (Waterloo) – Alpaci is developing a smart pacifier that can monitor a child’s temperature and heart rate with the goal of preventing sudden infant death syndrome.

-  Vanessa Cherenfant, Elysia (Montreal) – Elysia is a personalized travel website that uses machine learning to quickly find the perfect travel destination for a person’s vacation.  

-  Yasaman Soudagar, Neurescence Inc. (Toronto) – This company is working to improve the treatment for people with mental illnesses by gaining a better understanding of their neurological activity. They are developing a device that is embedded in the skull to map the brain’s activity. The initial market is neuroscience research.

-  Julie (Hyunjoo) Lee, PinkWallet (Toronto) – PinkWallet has developed an app that helps women to understand and achieve their financial goals.

-  Sandra Loop, Money-Wiser (Waterloo) – Money-Wiser is an online product that teaches children about personal finance.