Moncton-based Prelam Enterprises, which specializes in odour control offerings like Just’a Drop and LUKY8, is offering to share its manufacturing facility and expertise to businesses in Atlantic Canada.

“We realized that a lot of small companies are doing it in their kitchen, in their garage, or basement. But if they want to scale up, there’s no real way to do that unless you invest a lot of money for equipment, a location, the resources for trademarks, laboratory, certification and all sorts of challenges that I went through 20 years ago,” co-founder Luc Jalbert says.

With this offering, smaller businesses can take advantage of the system that Prelam uses to invent, formulate, brand, manufacture and distribute their own products in Canada and abroad.

“We realized that we have the whole infrastructure here, we have all the resources here and the knowledge, and also we’re able to produce because we have the square footage to do other people’s products,” he said. . . .

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