With a couple of clients in the bag and some leads in the sales funnel, Isaac Adejuwon has a singular goal for his company Metricsflow to reach by year-end – $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

The company began last year and has made rapid progress in developing its tool to help companies convert their content-marketing audience into clients. The five-member team has produced its minimum viable product and signed up M5 Marketing Communications and the St. John’s fraud detection company Verafin as clients.

As it builds up the product to a full enterprise-level solution, which it hopes to have out in the first quarter of 2018, Adejuwon is talking to a few more leads and hopes to sign them and more in the next six months. 

“In the second half of the year, we’re looking at revenue – we’re targeting $10,000 in MRR by December,” said Adejuwon in a recent phone interview from Kitchener, Ont., where he was attending a strategy bootcamp at Communitech.  “We’d need 20 customers paying the base price of $500 per month. It’s fairly challenging because we have a long sales cycle but I think it’s something we’re up to.”

A native of Nigeria, Adejuwon came to St. John’s in 2010 to study at Memorial University, and two years ago began to work on a product that would improve the results of content marketing. The problem as he saw it is that companies turn out some great content online, material that readers gobble up and learn from. But it’s difficult to bring that relationship into the sales process.

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What Metricsflow does is identify parties that are consuming your content, and assess what content they are most interested in. Using no cookies, Metricsflow mines the data on the content and lets the users take action that results in conversions.

“You don’t really know much about what content that lead was most interested in,” says a promotional video from the company. “Neither do you have information on what other anonymous sales leads are coming down the funnel, yet to be identified. But we do. If you use Metricsflow, their digital DNA would be all over your data.”

Once a company understands what content interests individual members of its content audience, it can share that information with the sales or marketing ops teams. They can then customize a sales strategy to suit that potential client, and close a deal more quickly.

Metricsflow is also in the process of developing a product to help companies reconnect with leads that had been engaged but have gone away.

The team has been gaining momentum for a few years. It went through the MUN entrepreneurship program, then the Evolution program at the Genesis Centre, then through a Propel ICT Launch cohort in St. John’s. Then it entered a strategy program at Communitech – its second mentorship at the sprawling tech hub in the past year.

The company has not raised any funds yet. Adejuwon said the company does plan to tap investors, but wants to hit a few more milestones first.

“We now have an MVP and can deploy our tracking code to any company,” said Adejuwon. “It’s not enterprise level yet but …we’re writing code every day and we’re pushing it out.”