Participants in LaunchDal’s LaunchPad Accelerator will showcase their ventures at its fifth annual Demo Day on August 7. Participating ventures include an online convenience store and a company that is creating a software for mental health.

The 10-week program, which is offered at the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University, provided each business with $10,000 and the resources to launch and grow their ventures.

The organizers say that, since its inception in 2013, the LaunchPad accelerator has helped launch over 100 ventures, which have produced nearly 800 jobs and raised $20 million.

DemoDay will start at 6:30pm and run until 10pm at the Rebecca Cohen Auditorium at Dalhousie. You can register for the free event here. 

The companies presenting this year are:

Tranquility Online

A Software-as-a-Service mental health solution that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on a platform that is affordable, timely, stigma-free, personal and accessible. Users will be able to schedule sessions with coaches trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Tranquility Online was also a pitching company at the Volta Cohort.

I0bIO Inc.

Automation experts at IObIO Inc have partnered with clinical researchers to build a medical data capturing platform (the BioBox), for a wide range of applications. One specific focus is the disruption of the clinical auditory diagnosis space. IObIO hopes to make an impact in bio-electrical diagnosis and assessment sectors. Read our previous coverage on IObIO.

ColourSmith Labs

ColourSmith Labs is creating the world’s first contact lenses that allow colour-blind users to see the full spectrum of colour. ColourSmith Labs will implement the technology of glasses already on the market into its contact lenses to conceal the fact that individuals are treating colour-blindness. ColourSmith won $25,000 at the Volta Cohort and an additional $25,000 from the Spark Innovation Challenge.  Read our latest coverage on Coloursmith. 


This company is making an automated brace that uses electrical stimulation to help retrain muscles in individuals who have experienced a stroke. The goal is to create a slim and elegant brace to help restore confidence, independence and mobility to stroke survivors. The sleeve will contain built-in sensors that sense muscle activity that then stimulates the muscles using safe levels of electrical current. This method is highly researched and found to be very effective in stroke rehabilitation and pain management.


Inspired by deficiencies in the mining industry and offshore drilling processes, Kavi Technology works to improve the accuracy of detecting materials brought to the surface using visual recognition and machine learning technology. Kavi Technology will provide efficiencies and cost savings for the mining industry that result in improved prediction of incidence of minerals, oil, and gas concentration.

Room Service

A growing online convenience store serving a large portion of HRM. Room Service will offer quick delivery of products found at a traditional convenience store such as ice cream, tampons, frozen meals and milk, as well as supplies for coffee shops and small businesses.


An Internet company working on making it possible for customers to shop locally online in a faster and cheaper way. iLokol will provide services to Chinese newcomers to help them adapt to life in Halifax better and faster, and work with service providers in the city by allowing them to open their virtual stores on the iLokol app for free.


Aurea is creating a wind turbine system designed for the natural wind tunnels around high rises. The system can be retrofitted onto existing structures or installed during construction and, when paired with an energy storage system, has the potential to run a building entirely off-grid. (Disclosure: Cat Adalay, the CEO of Aurea, is the daughter of Entrevestor's owners.)


DeepSenseData partners with agencies to help better understand an influencer's audience and behaviours on social media. DeepSense analyzes metrics for influencer marketing, pulling out key data points such as influencer demographics and consumer behaviours of online audiences for Instagram, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.

Podcast Atlantic

A directory of Atlantic Canadian produced podcasts and a production company for those looking to create their own podcasts, Podcast Atlantic will act as a tool for collaboration in connecting podcasts across the region, an avenue for sponsorship, and a one stop shop for anyone looking to launch, produce or promote a podcast in Atlantic Canada.

Disclosure: Dalhousie University is a client of Entrevestor.