Appili Therapeutics is seeking a scientific analyst in our Jobs of the Week column today.

This contract position with the Halifax-based biotech company will work with drug development and business development and review its sources of information and identify promising new programs in infectious disease to report to the VP of Business Development.

The company is working on two drug candidates: a compound designed to mask the bitter taste in Metronidazole, a drug used to treat infections among children; and a compound to battle gram-negative bacteria, which has two protective cellular walls making it resistant to existing antibiotics.

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Here is an expert from the posting:


Appili Therapeutics

Scientific Analyst (contract)

Key responsibilities:

Sourcing, review, and management of scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercial/sales, patent, financial and other data pertaining to the life science and healthcare industry;
Summarize information and results via preparation of reports, presentations to identify promising new drug development programs that align with Appili’s corporate strategy;
Prepare and develop presentations on findings for dissemination to internal teams and external advisors;
Work in a team based environment;
Support Drug Development and Business Development projects as needed.


Advanced degree in a life science or related field of study, preferably a M.Sc. or Ph.D. in microbiology, pharmacology, or toxicology;
Demonstrated proficiency with literature searching;
Effective written and oral communication skills;
Familiarity with the commercial biotechnology / pharmaceutical industry, work experience in healthcare, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical industry preferred;
Strong ability to approach new areas of science, learn key concepts, and synthesize ideas;

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