Innovacorp is looking for a new President and CEO to take the helm of Nova Scotia’s innovation agency in the spring of 2018.

Current CEO Stephen Duff will complete his five-year term next March and is not seeking a second term. So the agency is looking for a new lead executive to guide the agency through a period of transformation.

Innovacorp is known primarily as an early stage venture capital outfit, and the provincial government recently recapitalized its Nova Scotia First Fund with a $40 million cash injection. That will last it for four or five years.

Meanwhile, Innovacorp has decided to phase out its biennial I-3 Startup Technology Competition, and focus more on quarterly Spark competitions in four different regions in the province.  Innovacorp will also be a limited partner in the new Halifax-based venture capital fund that should be announced in a couple of months. And it will oversee the startup component of the new Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship in Dartmouth, which is due to open in the spring of 2018.

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President and CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer can contribute greatly to stimulating the province’s economic growth. Reporting to the board of directors, this person will work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, government, venture capitalists, academics, and industry organizations. He or she will lead Innovacorp’s long-term strategy to help Nova Scotia start-ups commercialize their technologies and succeed in the global marketplace. The CEO will pursue new opportunities and partnerships, actively engage stakeholders and reshape business strategies to anticipate an ever-changing, dynamic marketplace. The ideal candidate is an experienced entrepreneur, preferably in technology, and is comfortable in an environment of high public scrutiny and accountability. Innovacorp is looking for someone with strong communication and relationship-building skills.