Innovate Care, a conference with strong East Coast involvement focused on strategies to help seniors stay more active and contribute to the economy for longer, has announced this year’s headlining speaker: Dr John Muscedere.

The conference is not specifically startup-based, but focuses heavily on innovation and is backed by Aging2.0 Halifax, which is headed by serial entrepreneur and angel investor John Hamblin. It is also funded by AGE-WELL -- a national industry group focused on using technology to reduce the negative impacts of aging.

Innovate Care is organized by Invest Kingston, an economic development group in Kingston Ontario. This will be its second year.

Muscedere is a professor of critical care medicine at Queen’s University and an intensive care doctor at Kingston General Hospital. As a physician, he specializes in critical care for seniors. He has also studied how to improve Ontario’s critical care system to produce better outcomes for older, frailer patients.

The conference will be held on October 5 and 6, and prospective atendees can register here.