Innovacorp has named nine winners for its fall Sprint competition, each of whom will receive $25,000 in prize money and mentoring.

The Nova Scotia government’s venture capital agency said Wednesday it selected the nine startups after receiving and reviewing 60 applicants for the semi-annual competition.

The agency said the goal of Sprint is to find and support high-potential, early-stage startups and encourage entrepreneurial activity in the province.

The nine winners are:

Design by Science – Aaron Outhwaite

Sustainable materials and machines for the 3D printing of large objects and structures

Electric Owl – Margaret Dron  

Software to help grow food in urban environments and on small-scale farms

Marecomms – Ulaş Güntürkün 

Underwater communications system to deliver information from data collected in the ocean

myFlock – James Walsh 

Technology to reduce risk and operating inefficiencies in the poultry supply chain

Plasma Agricultural Solutions – Lord Abbey, GL Rao, NN Misra 

Treatment to improve seed health and quality

Prosaris Solutions – Colin Sewell

Technology to detect and quantify gas leaks

Symbi Medical – Cameron Sehl, Max Jennings, Devin McArthur, Dr. Sameer Berry 

Remote patient monitoring tool for predicting and reducing medical procedure no-shows

Tracker Inventory Systems – Gavin Andrews 

Automated inventory management for seafood and aquaculture producers

VMOpro – Matt Gillis 

Remote physiotherapy solution that enables patients to self-manage injuries at home



Disclosure: Innovacorp is a client of Entrevestor.