Halifax-based website developer ImmediaC is building websites that allow clients to maximize online sales during the economic downturn and is also cutting costs for non-profits.

ImmediaC began in 1998 and builds websites, mobile apps and cloud-database applications that are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Many clients are now focusing on online sales, bookings, chat and delivery functions.

John Leahy, company CEO, said in a statement, that craft beer companies are among those currently emphasizing online sales. Regional brewers Big Spruce Brewing and Spindrift Brewing are both clients.

"We have been working with them both for about a year for websites and online ordering," Leahy said. "In the last few weeks, we have made a lot of changes to the ordering product and delivery tools as their business has grown...We've helped our customers take orders online and arrange delivery for hundreds of orders of craft beer.” 

The company is simultaneously eliminating or reducing website hosting costs for many non-profit clients, including Neptune Theatre, Theatre Nova Scotia, Antigonish Arena, Zatzman Sportplex and Cole Harbor Place, the statement said. ImmediaC will donate 10 percent of its 2020 profits to Covid-19 relief in order to help individuals, businesses and non-profits.

“All businesses need to work together right now to come up with new strategies for getting work done, serving clients and keeping our economy going strong,” said Leahy. 

“For more than 25 years, my personal passions have been business and technology. Now, more than ever, businesses need technology to adapt and be successful.”