Our valuations panel at Entrevestor Live should shed light on a long-standing question for many East Coast founders: how do startup valuations in Atlantic Canada compare with other places?

This question has been in the air for years, and no doubt the answer will change as time goes on. Certainly, the impression is that investors can find more attractive valuations in Atlantic Canada than in larger centres. But is it true? And if so, how great is the difference?

Entrevestor Live, an online event on Oct. 6 that showcases success in East Coast startups, has assembled a panel of experts who can address valuations with some authority. Cathy Bennett, a Founding and Co-Managing Partner of Sandpiper Ventures, will lead the discussion. She will be joined by:

 Michelle Scarborough, the Managing Partner at BDC Capital responsible for the management of the $50 million BDC Seed Fund and the $200 million Women in Tech Venture Fund;

Rob Barbara, a Kaufman Fellow;and Managing Partner at Build Ventures, which has $120 million under management;

And Patrick Hankinson, Founding Partner of Concrete Ventures, and an inveterate hound for startup data.

While Entrevestor Live’s main sessions are deep dives into CarbonCure Technologies, Introhive and Metamaterials Inc., the valuations discussion is a segment we’re really looking forward to. We expect to learn a lot from it, and believe East Coast founders will gain valuable insights into how to price their companies.

We’ve designed Entrevestor Live so founders can afford the time and money to attend. It’s completely virtual, limited to a single afternoon, and tickets cost only $70+HST. You can find more information and purchase tickets here.