Fredericton-based Stash Energy, which builds energy storage technology for heat pumps, has announced its new CEO: Jamie Davison.

Founded in 2015, Stash uses heating registers -- systems that use opening and closing slats to control the movement of warm air -- to bank heat for later use, saving energy and preventing excess warmth from going to waste.

“Jamie has had an extensive experience that we believe will provide the right balance of growth and opportunity for Stash,” said board chair Chris Mathis in a press release.

“We are excited by what Jamie’s capabilities will bring to Stash’s development. The timing is perfect, as the world is waking up to more responsible use of the energy we produce and the need to store energy, be it in electrical or thermal form.”

Davison will succeed Jordan Kennie, who co-founded the company and is now a senior product engineer at Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions, which manufactures emergency parachutes for drones.

Previously, Davison was vice-president of digital gaming and innovation at the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, and led two other startups: cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist eXeBlock Technology and DynaGen Technologies, which is now called Cattron Global.

In May, Stash announced it would partner with Nova Scotia Community College, Housing Nova Scotia and Solar Nova Scotia to test a quartet of model homes using different energy-saving technologies.