A digital COVID-19 risk stratification and screening survey has been announced by Charlottetown-founded GetOn Health, maker of a telehealth platform for doctors.

Called SecurePass, the new feature is being launched in partnership with clinical algorithm platform SmartDocMD. The tool is designed to support healthcare professionals and patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the partners said in a statement.

SecurePass surveys patients and healthcare communities to identify possible COVID-19 risks.

GetOn Health’s Founding Partner, Michael Mayne, is Prince Edward Island’s former Deputy Minister of Health and CEO of the local Health Authority.

“I wanted to build this tool to give doctors more control over their time and enable better connectivity between them and their patients,” he said.

Patients can be asked to take the SecurePass survey to assist doctors in prioritizing those patients who may need the most attention. The product identifies patient demographics, geolocation, risk factors, illness symptoms, severity and comorbid conditions that can be viewed in real-time and shared with GetOn Health platform, the physicians that use GetOn Health, as well as infectious disease teams, including the Chief Public Health Offices in Canada, the statement said.

Understanding community health and physician needs are critical to ensuring the safety and ongoing operations of healthcare facilities and workers, said Mayne.