Dalhousie University’s CDL Atlantic, part of the internationally noted Creative Destruction Lab network of startup accelerators, has announced the companies graduating from this year’s Oceans cohort for bluetech companies and its Prime cohort for general startups.

CDL is a nine-month, milestone-based accelerator founded by University of Toronto management professor Ajay Agrawal and it is now operating in six countries. In the Atlantic region, both cohorts are run by Dalhousie University, with this year's graduating companies based in geographies as far flung as Iceland, Belgium and Australia. Artificial intelligence companies made a particularly strong showing across both cohorts.

The program, which does not charge founders a participation fee or take equity, is divided into a series of five meetings over nine months, with an emphasis on entrepreneurs setting and then meeting key growth objectives.

Participants are mentored by experienced entrepreneurs who have founded and sold "significant" companies. Mentors who participated in previous CDL Atlantic sessions have included figures like Clearwater Fine Foods billionaire and prolific venture capitalist John Risley and Jevon MacDonald, former CEO of Manifold and GoInstant.

Here’s a look at the companies graduating this year:




Robin Murphy, CEO

Audyse is developing a noise-cancelling headset for motorcyclists that will selectively avoid blocking important, safety-related sounds like car horns.

Axtion Independence Mobility


Tracey McGillivray, CEO

Axtion’s Ibex walker includes a mechanical seat to help mobility-impaired users with day-to-day tasks, as well as with getting up if they fall.


St. John’s

Sam Allen, CEO

Enaimco makes software for remotely managing subsea assets.

Hollo Medical


David Hodgson, CEO

HOLLO is developing a spacer for use with asthma inhalers that is small enough to fit in a child’s pocket.



Shaun Kennedy, CEO

Mach85 sells software for taking contactless, three-dimensional measurements of aircraft, as well as various simulation and modelling processes.


Sherbrooke, Que.

Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, CEO

Permalution sells technology for collecting water from fog, clouds and rain.

PragmaClin Research

St. John’s

Bronwyn Bridges, CEO

PragmaClin is building solutions to allow for remote medical assessments of people with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.


Bedford, NS

Christy Silvestri, CEO

QuickFacts offers a platform that lets brokers view insurance packages from competing companies side by side for easy comparison.


St. John’s

Holly Hill, CEO

SiftMed’s artificial intelligence platform automatically organizes medical records into a clearly labelled, searchable database for use by insurance  and law office employees.

Zen Energy


Ravindra Kempaiah, CEO

Zen sells electric bikes, with a corporate focus on innovative battery technology.



St. John’s

M. Sazied Hassan, CEO

CORSphere makes fleet management software for companies operating marine vessels.

Hefring Marine

Reykjavík, Iceland

Karl Birgir Björnsson, CEO

Hefring has developed an artificial intelligence system to help ship operators avoid accidents and reduce fuel consumption.

Hefring Engineering


Freda Zifteh, CEO

Hefring Engineering has designed a low-drag ocean glider, which is a type of autonomous, underwater vehicle often used for taking scientific measurements.


Sydney, Australia

Tom Loefler, CEO

Hullbot has developed an underwater robot for cleaning ships’ hulls.

Jaia Robotics

Newport, Rhode Island

Ian Estaphan Owen, CEO

Jaia is working on high-speed aquatic drones that can operate in “pods” of up to 20, with potential applications ranging from scientific research to military use.



Paige Whitehead, CEO

Nyoka has developed the Bio Lure, a fully biodegradable, luminescent fishing lure.

OnDeck Fisheries AI 


Alexander Dungate, CEO

OnDeck is developing artificial intelligence technology for commercial fisheries monitoring, including tracking catch and bycatch — catch being the fish a vessel intends to harvest and bycatch being other types of fish unintentionally caught in nets.

Photon Marine

Portland, Oregon

Marcelino Alvarez, CEO

Photon is developing electric outboard motors for boats.


Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Sebastian Hamers, CEO

Sealution is a hardware and software platform capable of gathering data about large ships’ below-deck operations for maintenance and insurance purposes.



Maja Maher, CEO

Voltai sells motion-absorbing generators that can be installed on vessels or offshore infrastructure and are designed to operate in harsh marine environments, such as the Canadian Arctic.