John Hamblin

John Hamblin

Startup Halifax and The Halifax Library will host an event on Oct. 16 to educate people on the processes available to foreigners who want to immigrate to Canada.

In particular, the free session is targeting three groups: international students who wish to stay in Canada; entrepreneurs from other nations who are interested in establishing businesses here; and Canadian businesses interested in hiring skilled employees from outside of Canada.

The session is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about immigration, visas, express entry, and permanent residency.

“Canada and especially Nova Scotia need to attract and keep immigrants,” said Startup Halifax president John Hamblin in a statement. “Immigrants bring great skills and truly diverse experiences, and integrating them into our business community will help Canada to grow and prosper. This event provides an opportunity to learn, network, make contacts and meet others that are genuinely interested in all aspects of immigration.”

Speakers will include: immigration lawyers, representatives from the Federal and Nova Scotia Immigration Departments; representatives from other organizations that aid and support entrepreneurs and students who wish to establish themselves in our great country as well as new startups providing software and services to assist in the immigration process.

Entrepreneurs from other countries who have participated in the new entrepreneur immigration program will also speak of their experiences.

The event will take place Monday, Oc. 16 from 5:30-8:30pm in the O’Regan Auditorium at the Halifax Central Library (5440 Spring Garden Road). The event will end with refreshments and time to network.

You can register here