Karina LeBlanc, Executive Director of the Fredericton-based Pond Deshpande Centre is leaving her role at the head of the socially conscious group after 10 years with the organization.

PDC is part of the University of New Brunswick and was established by entrepreneurs Gerry Pond and Desh Deshpande to find solutions to complex social issues. Recently, PDC announced it is moving to a revenue-driven model. 

The group is redeveloping its B4Change accelerator, which ran for six years for social ventures, and will now focus on non-profits. The PDC has also been working as a consultancy for several years.

“Lots of exciting work in social impact to come from this incredible team,” LeBlanc said of her former colleagues. “It is time for me to jump into my next adventure.”

Her next adventure begins in the fall when she will set up a Fredericton-based wellness company focused on mental health services for individuals and groups. She will also be doing systemic-level advocacy and change work with governments and other stakeholders.

“An exciting change but hard to leave my team and all the great people I have worked with at PDC,” LeBlanc told Entrevestor in an email.